Doctors should and must make financial planning.

This is true especial to the junior doctors.

Many of fresh graduate doctors who just joined the services, are carried a large sum of loan.

Most of doctors who study in private Universities had borrowed from PTPTN. There are some borrowed from banks.

The starting salary for junior doctors in Ministry of health is actually better than other professions.

Therefore, argument against that doctors wage are too low is weak and unfounded.

What is more important that as a doctor who just starting their careers, we should be careful with the spending. Unless, you’re  had rich parent who can sponsored all your expenses.

Here are a few important notes:

1. Spend the money within limit

example: do not buy a car that beyond the ability, which mean buying a toyota vios is more practical than buying a camry

2. Reduced frequent of travelling

Airasia offerred cheap air tickets,  everyone can fly and doctors also can fly.

Too  many traveling will incurred extra-expense and time.

3. Careful with shopping

Girl like shopping and guy is the same. New Iphone, new SLR camera, new Audio CD players and so forth. The situation is worsen by the availability of credit card payment.

4. Must save for postgraduate study

MRCP UK exam written cost 536 pound. MRCP ireland cost 400 Euro (pls correct if i’m wrong).

We as a doctor should strive hard to become a specialist in our field of interest, so saving money for exam is a must.

5.  Must paid study loan

6. Doing locum

Working as locum is way to earn extra income. Do not overdoing it, it will definitely affect our work