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And the Queen give the toast the King, And She said: “Ten Thousands Years”.

Kind of awkward isn’t  it, what on earth you uttered these words.

It’s a scene toward the second half of the movie “The last emperor”, when Pu Yi was installed as the puppet king of Manchuria by the Japanese and his wife who is drunk give the toast.

In the the numerical system, after the unit of thousand, it is followed by million. In the Chinese and the Japanese system, after the thousand, it is followed by the unit Wan is “Ten Thousands”. And with the Shui which mean “ages” or years, Wan Shui is the same meaning as “long live the King”.

Back to the movie, it’s was fit and no questions about the term.

The Last Emperor is a movie about the Pu Yi of Manchu dynasty and the movie started with the Queen TziSi dying and before she died she speak ENGLISH, and in fact all the characters speak English. Surprisingly I found the movie is even better than all the Chinese (Hong Kong) made movies on the same subject. Early in the 80s, I saw a few movies regarding Pu Yi but somehow it’s just lacking of certain value and merely a history drama.

This  masterpiece was directed by Bernardo Bertulucci, plus the soundtrack leads by Ryuichi Sakamoto, It’s successfully depicted the life of a last emperor, going through turbulent time.


Chinese officials actually very happy that countries are boycotting the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

Those jokers believe that other countries are sharing their distort and malicious intention that imprisonment of an innocent man is totally justifiable.

It’s reflect how the Chinese communist are just lack of self-respect. AND THEREFORE, they need other countries, which are basically depend on the Chinese monetary support and weapons, to show their hands.

China organized big events just to prove a point and what they are demanding is respect, telling the people around the world how good and how great is the China and the Chinese and how capable and how prosperous and rich and stupidity and moronic they are.

China has successfully produced via education and social reform their next generation a group of ultra-nationalist which very proud of very thing related to the Chinese. for instance, Chinese medicine despite it is doing more harm than good,  culture of plagiarism in the Universities and a strongly dislike of Nobel prize because the China home scientists never got a prize.

China is lacking of self-respect. They are self-indulging in the games of buying respect.


This is the sentence in the first e-mail arrived at the football website after the FIFA announced the 2 countries Qatar and Russia to be the host of 2022 and 2018 world cup football tournament.

The decision to grant the rights to this two countries are definitely controversial and questions of bribery will be raised.

In fact, the bidding for big and major event are getting worst. The Olympics and World cup are the 2 good examples when everybody fighting to get the bid, ultimately people tend to bribe their way to success. And furthermore, members of decision-making committee are so powerful that some of them asking for monetary return or favour as it’s was reported in the UK press.