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Dr Pauline W Chen, a Liver transplant surgeon and an accomplish author had written an article on the needs of positive reinforcement in the process of training of young doctors. There is also a blog at NY times whereby the readers are able to share their opinions.

I recalled experience asmy own experience as HO (well, just 1 year ago) and my first posting was in surgery. I was very new and inexperience with the work, was terrified by the demand of this particular surgeon. It’s seem like the whole wards (the MO, sisters and nurses) are fear of him.  He’s definitely a good surgeon but he demands a lot from the rest of the team, just like himself.

Until now, whenever I accidentally bump into this specialist,  I usually made a quick move to avoid him.


I guess watching a great classic movie isa good idea for the weekend. You’re right.

I had watched it when I was in secondary school in 1989, my friends were having a movie marathon for fund collection.  I watched it again sometime in the 90s and today, I watch it again a DVD version.

It’s just great. The movie is full of action, humour, hero and heroine.

I had not watch the latest edition of the movie. The hero and heroine are the same but it almost after 25 years after this initial effort. And now I not a Steven Spielberg fan anymore. The Oscar had stunned his movie making effort.

The raider of lost Ark is the movie you should never missed.