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Just the other day, on a meeting, the bosses were discussing that some On-call MOs had not actively managed patient and the results were patients conditions deteriorate.

I think whenever a doctor is oncall, one should remind be readily sacrifice sleep for the sake of patient.

Normal on-call start at 5pm and it’s usually end at  7am next day. Precious 14 hrs.

Thinking about it. the duration is very short.

I think we should be think in common sense. When we on-call, we are the one who going to take care of all patients under our belt. You had been given the task of JAGA them for merely 14 hrs.  So, while sleep is precious commodity, one should remember, the wellbeing of patient is paramount.  HOs are usually reluctant to kacau MO in the middle of night especially for reviewing cases. Fault lies on both sides. One is try not offend, the latter failed to give a clear message that if one in doubt, one should call.

So, let lose some sleep over the call, rather than lose patient.


It’s the time for millions of Chinese to have right to choose their government.

The Chinese live in the Republic of China, that’s Taiwan, had exercise their right and choose their leader for the next four years.

Meanwhile, the other big part of China still being ruled by a party which it’s ideology is based on a foreign-philosophy book, still rule the country with iron-fist.

Despite some of the disastrous  misrule of the country 4 decade ago, the current economy prosperity had ensure the rule of Communist party to be continue for a long while.

But I predict the single party rule in China will end someday and follow by the break-up of provinces. Unless, the restructured of the political system in China.

The poor peasants, in those remote areas, are the very first people who bring the communist to power, should have more saying on the government. If not, just like the previous dynasties, peasants rise up and overthrown the corrupt government.

In Taiwan, it’s occurred with changing of government without a single blood shed.

Can this happened in China?

Today, the ward nurse had received a call from the police requesting info on the death of a young lady patient who was AOR discharged 2 weeks ago.  I remember her coz her name kind of unique and can be easily recalled.

She was admitted after a week of on-off fever and drowsiness. As usual, request for LP was denied. Plain and contrast CT do not give any clue to the diagnosis. Empirical treatment somehow managed to wane of the fever and patient gaining full GCS.

The attitude of her father was puzzling. When he met my specialist in the very first time, he wish to seek alternative treatment. Somehow, after a week later, during a evening visiting hrs, he started to pack up bag and my registrar had to give her a AOR discharge otherwise it would be a abscond case.

I remember writing a brief memo and gave to patient father, just in case they decided to go to a new hospital or clinic.  Patient is not fully recovered at time of AOR discharge.

And then, we got the bad news.

Love can be blind.

I just wonder what had happened for past 2 weeks?

I sure, it would be a different story if the treatment continue in the hospital. If the patient ‘s condition deteriorated,  hospital can supply life supporting and assist patient to fight the critical movement.

Maybe the man strongly believe what he had done was the best option for his kid, somehow I still feel sad and angry for his choice.I

Saturday is the big day for the Rakyat. We will shall vote for a new government.

One get chance to vote for their favorite candidate.

Despite the weakness and disadvantage for the opposition parties, I still believed the election campaign go very well and I strongly believed that the messages of BN, DAP, Keadilan, PAS and others will reach to the people.

So, remember to vote on Saturday.

I will only comment those predominated chinese party

I must, MCA choose the right motto and the Gerakan made the worst mistake of all.

MCA motto basically  implying they get the things done without any big fuss.

For some reasons, I strongly think that the present Gerakan is obviously a fan of Obama, choose a motto “Let’s change” which didn’t fit the party image at all. Worst still, their  opponent  add another 3 words and it became a opposition  motto.

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