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I must confessed I have problem with this statement:


OK, the statement is not merely coined by drunk researchers but it got prove (evidences).

Numerous researches show person who drink moderately has less risk of heart disease than those folk who don’t.

AND it’s really pissed me off!!

I wonder what the secret behind the findings.

Apparently moderate alcohol consumption will increase the good cholesterol and thus protect the heart.

STILL,  I DON’T BUY the idea of giving the following advice:

Sir, we noted that you had high risk of cardiac disease. But don’t worry, we shall perscribe some medicine: drink moderate amount of  alcohol


Before the alcohol bring any good to one, think carefully: how many road vehicle accidents are due to DUI? How many person had alcohol problem? How many alcohol loving pregnant mothers born a  alcohol-damaged baby?

I just wonder why the scientist persisted with this kind of view?

Are they paid by the alcohol industries?


Few years ago,  those circumcision enthusiastic had linked the cervical cancer to circumcision. And thank fully, we found the actual culprit for cervical cancer (HPV) and its leads to the vaccines.

Recent research show alcohol consumption increase risk of getting various type of cancer.


Just get a call from my sister that the doctor is starting insulin for my mom.

It is a insulin given before going to sleep so the next morning sugar will be well controlled.

It’s actually very common practise in diabetes management and I myself often persuade my patients to start insulin for better sugar controlled.

But somehow I felt worry about my mum? After all , the insulin dose given is just low dose and it’s shouldn’t cause any hypoglycemia episode.

And i feeling bad because i should have done more to treat my mum but somehow I reluctant to subject the same treatment that often I gave to my patients. Somehow the clinical judgment is not there and what is there is a son who is reluctant to subject a more rigorous treatment for his mother.

That’s why we don’t treat our family members and close friends.

Our professional judgment is impaired in this situation. We tend to get into unnecessary attention and worries.

Here are the 3 examples that make you wonder what are they are thinking while making the diagnosis?

Case 1

Just happen last week during my oncall, a man admitted with Chest pain and was diagnosed as heart attack. The problem is he was 24 hrs into the heart attack (yes, he is lucky because the damaged heart will holding on).

This man had chest pain on the monday the day before. He is seeing a locum GP and the Chap give  him some painkiller for the arm pain. I just wonder why this GP can ignore a complain of chest pain in a high risk ethnic group and with even a simple ECG. Obviously the GP is very focus after all this man was diagnosed of gouthy arthritis some months ago.


Case 2

This happened 2 year ago when I was in a Nephrology ward. And this gentleman was presented with end stage renal disease with all the signs of fluid overload in the body and symptoms of  tachypnoea.

This man having difficult of breathing for couple of months already and in fact he had been seeing a ENT. I was puzzled why this man seeing a ENT doctor, may he thinking breathing is from the nose. Well, the worst part is the ENT doctor actually that this gentleman sufferred from nose block!!!

A basic clinical examination may already determine the cause of difficult to breath, the crepitation sound at the lungs and the swellings of the both leg.

AND this remind me why is happened to my mom. My mom had a simple surgery of removing a infection lymph node and then was noted the wound was difficult to heal.

The doctor in charge could have easily diagnosed her for having a diabetes condition. Instead she was diagnosed after we bought her to see another general physician.


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