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I clerked a patient just the other days.

He apparently suffered from severe high blood pressure and acute kidney impairment and required 2 dialysis. For 4 days and 2 session of dialysis, he paying 6K ringgit.

In private setting, every thing can be done immediately.  Zero waiting time.

In government hospital, an Ultrasound waiting time is 1 days to a week, largely depend on your illness, well it’s also depend on the presentation skills of the Houseman,  the radiologists, the schedule and others.

My boss know it too well, he just asked the patient to pay out a bit more to get it done at the private centre.

The cost of private hospitalization is really high.

Everything is being charged. From consultation, beds, medicines and even they charge RM10 every time you press a red button requesting nursing services!!!!

Then, why on earth the government hospital charge so little?

Patient actually paid for the beds and the cost of investigations. Unless patient required implants or other medical devices, then he/she might need to pay for the devices.

Do you know that for infectious disease such as Dengue, patient don’t not need to pay a single dime.

So, back to the title today, how to improve the services in government clinic/hospitals????

1. Be demand – Ask doctors questions, get transfer to second class ward.

2. Be informative – bring past medical record/hospital admission, current medications and etc. Doctors can easily have a clear idea of your health status and certainly useful in diagnosis and management.

3. Self nursing – In a third class lady ward. a cubical can easily accommodated up to 10 patients. It’s overwhelming tasks for the nurses  and therefore nursing is inadequate. It’s fairly fine for someone whom is not that ill but for those old and fragile, it’s a big problem.

Family members or maid should be around for taking care of the patient.

Patient family members can request daily update of the patient. They don’t mind doing it.

Doctors like patient with good social support.

We send elderly patient to geriatric ward which is a very nice ward. It provides rehabilitation program for the patient and often require patient’s caregiver involvement.

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