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I am reading a well-written piece of NYtimes opinion on Bush. The words is sharper than a surgery scalper, it’s penetrate straight to the misjudgment of Bush.

It’s same happening in Malaysia. Before China Press was bought over, columnist YangBaiYang used his column criticize the previous MCA president. It’s angry him so much so that the press got bought over.


So, you’re all get the license to kill?    That what my prof said after we passed our exit viva.

More precisely, the patients were harm by the doctors due to their failures.

The doctors failed to:

1. make the correct diagnosis – failure to diagnose dengue

2. prescript wrong medications  – real case. Patient given ACEI for  CCF. Baseline creatinine 129 in April.

Currently admit and intubated in a moribund condition, creatinine 1000. 2 possibility,  ACEI induced ARF, or ARF as part of multi-organ failure

3. Failure to take appropriate action – patient BP is lowish, no adequent action.

All HO must know if patient is unwell and when to take appropriate action. for example, patient BP 90/60, run some fluid and call the MO. Patient developed tachypnoea, increase O2 by change to ventimask, get an ABG, if CO2 retention, call MO and refer anaest for ventilation support

It’s matter of we will do that determine the license that we’re carried.

When I saw my STPM result way back in 1992, it’s a mixed feeling. Well, my result is not the bad, got an A, 3Bs and a C. It’s a not a problem to gain place to local U. But………Medicine….at least  3A  and 2B.

So, I skip all the medical dramas, because it irritating me, I choose to study IT degree. I bury my dream deep inside my heart.

Life go on. I enjoy the campus life. I got my degree in 1997 and had a job at a local IT firm.

But then my dream never really died off. So,  after working for 5 years, I decided to quit my job and pursuing my dream.

Life go on again. I enjoyed being a student again.

And last year, I finally get my MBBS and start working again.

And by end of this month, I going to get my full registration.

I in my dream and still trying hard to perfect it.

I achieve my dream of becoming a doctor, now I was to perfect the dream,

Being a doctor is not enough, it’s should be a GOOD DOCTOR!!!!

Today is the first full moon of month of May. It’s a day the Buddhist celebrate the birth, the enlightenment and nirvana of Load Buddha.

The 3 evil roots, greed, hatred and delusion can be only be overcome of following Buddha teaching of noble 8 fold paths.

Buddhism has been a great influence in my life ever since my teenage years. In varsity years, I have the opportunities to listen and learn in depth of Buddhism. It’s a time when I have the opportunities to listen to the talks of Late Dr K Sri Dhammanda.

I still remember that this particular day, i was fetching Venerable back to VIhara after a campus talk at UKM.  At that time (1996), I was in year 3 of study of my IT degree. I alway had the idea of quiting study and take  up medicine. I ask Venerable the idea of study medicine.  Venerable did not support and reject  my decision  but instead he reminded me that ” one must have a strong determination to achieve one dream”. Well, i remember his words and it’s took me another 4 years to join medical study.

Ok, i was just managed to scrap thru’ the theory and practical to get my BLS cert!!!!

I recalled that chest compression to breathing is 5:1 in secondary school. 4 years ago, the ratio was 15:2, in 2005, ratio became 30:2.

Greater emphasis had been given to chest compression over breathing. In fact, minimally interrupted cardiac resuscitation (MICR) had been proposed as alternative. A paper indicated that “survival-to-hospital discharge increased from 1.8% (4/218) before MICR training to 5.4%  after MICR training ” .

So, chest compression is a paramount task in resuscitation.

I just wonder, it’s that a device to assist chest compression. After all, It’s a tiring process.

A quick googling, an automated device which  is already in clinical trial. But the result was disappointed. It’s conclusion states Use of an automated LDB-CPR device as implemented in this study was associated with worse neurological outcomes and a trend toward worse survival than manual CPR. Device design or implementation strategies require further evaluation”.

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