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I guess 2007 was a great year for me.

It’s a major turning point.

Having passing the final hurdle in March, achieve a life long dream, official graduated in May , starting housemanship in June, learning the art of medicine for past 7 months, it was a great experience for me.

New year, new beginning and new resolution. Still I have some resolutions which i haven’t got it yet.

Well, let’s hope I can finish the mini medical program and share with everyone on the first day of new year!!!!!

Happy a new year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doctors are underpaid!!!!

It’s not really true.

An IT graduate average earn RM2000, An accounting graduate earn even less, for a new grad houseman can earn up to RM4000 if added the 10 calls per month.

Just the other day, i alway a chatting with posting chief of HO, he received complaints from  HOs who request less taxing and less demand calls, which basically labour room calls and antenatal wards are more works than a post-natal ward.

It’s back to attitude problems!!!!

We desired the title doctor, the respect from people and the hefty reward (salary) and at the same time, we demand minimal and stress free work.

Are we living in a utopia?

The sum didn’t added up.

We must earn the respect, be prepare to work hard (so one day can be a specialist) and maybe a good financial reward.

Without the right mindset, and had the bad attitudes at the beginning ( in housemanship), one will find it difficult to work and find the work stressful and demanding.

I was assisting in OT just the other day.

Well, it’s  a good example to show that how a private hospital mismanaged a case and send the case to the government hospital to solve the mess.

It’s a obstetrics case which a lady whom had a 1 previous cesarean, had difficulty in the attempt to delivery vaginally. An attempt to deliver via vacuum also fail (denied by the private hospital, saying they putting the cap on it without doing anything!!!!), but baby’s scalp shows the evidence.

Well, patient under emergency OP, my MO managed delivered the baby after a difficult  op which severe adhesions had to deal with before the baby can be taken out.

Luckily, the baby had a good apgar scar despite having breathing in “pee soup”  for few hours.

I was puzzled on why can’t the private hospital handle the case? Is it the patient is a foreigner, monetary issue or my hospital had a better NICU unit?

For those who traveling in PLUS highway, from north to south, vehicles from Penang and other cities north of Ipoh, upon reaching Ipoh, the highway ascend to a mountain range and pass through a tunnel and the highway is descending within a few kilometer  before reaching the Ipoh city. The builder of highway made a fatal mistake, they set up a toll too near to the descending part of highway. So, numerous accidents occurs at the toll plaza, majority are heavy vehicles like bus and truck that had brake failure. The latest accident claimed 8 lives when a bus rammed in the back of a oil tank.

The government had finally agree to build a new toll which much further away from the accident prone area and it will finally be ready in 6 months time.

I personally think that the authority had failed to made the move earlier. If they had done it, many accidents may have been prevented.

Let’s hope this the last.

a link to blog which shows the journey through Jelapang toll before reaching Ipoh.

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