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If you’re been to the Northern states of Malaysia like Perlis or Kedah, you will be mesmerized by the stunning beauty of green padi fiellds.


Few of us relied that the beautiful padi fields had a hidden danger and fatal secrets.

Long and straight tar road built by the government enable cars and trucks and motorcycles travel smoothly between towns.

If you’re go to Kangar from Alor setar via the old trunk road, you can see plenty of motorcycles, regardless of age and sex, some is 10yrs boy or even 80 year-old pakcik wearing kopiah,  they are riding bike WITHOUT HELMET.

I know what is a NORM for kampung folk, the NORM which one need not need to wear helmet for short distance travelling.

There is no police enforcement and I suspect everyone is do it and so this a NORM and its wil be alright as no one will be issued a summon.


We have many case of Motor vehicle accidents in Perlis involved head injury.

We have a young man who died of head injury after fall from his bike.  He was admitted to ICU after the operation and my nurses told me that this young man brother died at the same bed for the same head injury.

This is not a NORM that we should accept.

Being a NORM do not make the thing right.

Not wearing a helmet is fine as it is more convenience , the statement is damn wrong.

It’s took a few second to put on a helmet which greatly reduced head injury in the event of crash.

Why we are allowing the tragedy to happen?

Seeing young people with a full life ahead of them were being cut short by this so-call NORM.



I don’t know what is happening to the doctors in Malaysia, and these day, everyone is taking about Houseman problems.

For outsiders (non doctors) may be confuse with the current trend.

It’s make them wonder, is houseman a doctor or not? Are the housemen part of the team ?

Apparently, housemen bashing is a favourite pastime of doctors which surprising some very junior MOs also joining the force of criticising.

Well, IMHO, it is just a trend showing the senior doctors are worrying about their jobs and they are being threaten by the influx of junior doctors (HOs)

Sure, they are definitely some bad apples (HOs)  and it’s the one that really give the Hos a bad name.

While every one pointing fingers toward the poor HOs,  we should asking ourself, are we a very good doctor?

Are we the super efficient and very knowledge HOs  in our housemanship day?

Are we have not making errors during my HOs ?

I DO, I still recollected that when I was a HO in medical, a young man who is a TB patient is in respiratory distress and I failed to put the patient in the acute bed and do the necessary things. My ass only saved by my specialist who managed to spot him when she doing her round. And she did remind me when I work with her.

Well, that is nothing really embarrassed about the blunders/mistakes that we make. The important thing is not to repeat it.

The juniors are really need to be taught and spoon feed. THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT  THE STUFF THAT THEY ARE REALLY NEED TO KNOW!!!

It’s definitely easier  to poke fun at your juniors and to certain extend, insult and be little their ignorance, but does it help you and the Ho in the long run.

Would it be easier just to point and guide their to the right direction?

HAVE WE FORGOTTEN THAT WE ONCE MET SOME GOOD MOs/SPECIALISTS which provide guidance to us during the dark days of Housemanship?

It’s seem like the PWD scholarship fiasco finally over.

Well,congratulating those who got the scholarship and my message for the not so lucky fellows, there are many opportunities awaiting for you and keep working hard.

I have classmates who got scholarship, manage to get herself into top UK medicine school, graduated and currently serve in NHS.

Can you identify the problem in the statement above?

If you notice, they got Malaysia government scholarship to study medicine and now treating the kwailow!!! Don’t bother to come back to serve the rakyat.

See, we got a group of selfish people who think they can get away after promise to serve.
I am very sure during the interview, they can promise everything,

They are so many of them and you can’t do anything about it.

I can only hope is that whoever got the scholarships, remember this is not a jackpot or lottery, it’s my tax money and many of our fellow countrymen tax money. We paid you so that you got a good education  and return from oversea to serve the people.

So, choosing to stay on and forgot your early promise is simply unacceptable and just irresponsibe. It is a act of betrayal to the country who had sponsored your education.

I have no problem if you decided no to return, afterall it’s your future. Then why don’t you repaid  the scholarship since your salary is several times of wthat we are earning back here.


My Alma  mater had published a new and updated booklet on the medical programme.

If you are  interest in medical program and don’t know what are the subjects in medicine, on page 5  is the semester content and also at page 8 show a diagram showing ” Career Paths for Doctors in Malaysia”. There is  also a FAQ section.

So please download from this link

Common answers for the reasons that one wanted to become a doctor:

love and caring


I have Mother Theresa like quality

I’m a patient myself

I’m a House MD fan, or Grey’s anatomy fan or ER fan or Chicago Hope fan

And with those negative reason

The usual

I wanna to get rich and earn a fortune

everyone can be a doctor and so am i

my parent want me to become a doctor

doctor can play god and they can act like god

Regardless the positive and the negative reasons that make one joining medicine school and later becoming a doctor is that all important.

Medicine is life long learning and by all mean, the training of doctor does not end with medical school.

And if you have not found a good reason to become a doctor, then go and find one.

For those already in the service,  it is so easy to find a reason that you want to become a doctor. For example, the reward of good feeling after seeing a patient under your care getting well is a good reason that one want to become a doctor —> reason: good feeling


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