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 One of the tasks of HO is to talk and comfort the family members of patient. Consultants and MOs are often not in the ward. The relatives are only allowed in the ward during visiting hour. Therefore, HO is the contact point of information for patient relatives.

Admission to hospital is a important event and often, relatives are in distress and often they’re seeks information in order to comfort themselves.

Here are a few examples:

I had been asked by the grand daughter of an advanced cancer patient. I try my best efforts to give the relevant informations. In the mean time, i have some ideas that the family knew the inevitable chance that her grand mom shall pass on. Still, i try my best to ensure that (which based on the patient present condition) she will see her wedding ceremony in the coming months.

Just 1 month ago, i was talking to this mother whom son had tracheotomy performed. She was kind of distress as her son demands to be allow smoking (???). I try my best by telling her things will be fine. Well, sure it is, as patient’s lung functions improved and got discharged.


Today, just happen to talk to a Muslim Burmese patient and found out that he had been in Malaysia for past 16 years and was not really merely a foreign worker. He is a Rohingya refugee. He shows me his UNHCR id card. Somehow I notice he look different from the man in front of me. He’s now look thin and jaundice. He had a tumour in his pancreas.

He had a tough life, finally meet a Indo lady and had a 2 children five years ago. Life is tough but still blessed with a chance of starting a family life. But somehow good time didn’t last, 4 months ago, he suddenly had increase yellow discolouration in his eye and face.

Suddenly i felt really sad for this man. If he survived this ordeal, maybe he can get the chance of seeing and raising his kids for few more years.

The specialists still had crashes of ideas on the management.

I just hope he got the best management plan and had the chance of seeing his kids grow up.

p.s. Maybe it’s the time that Malaysia offers citizenship to the Rohingya refugees.

One of the greatest reward of being a doctor, was to see your patient saying thank you to you and happily leaving the ward.

I guess it is the most potent analgesia (blocker, antidote….) for the stress of being a houseman.

Somehow, it’s motivates you to work harder and to be completely in dwell (working real hard)  in the job.

Malaysia got beaten 5-1 by China.

The news just reflect the sad state of football in Malaysia. And MU is not coming to Malaysia. It’s just a not relevant Asian Football Cup. what a shame!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, it’s remind me of local football.

I just voted Mokhtar Dahari as my anak gemilang Malaysia.

I also want to vote for Arumugam the real Spiderman, the truely no 1 goal keeper.Both are sadly missed.

I was bitten by football bug since young and love the game since.

In 80 and 90s, I was a truly Malaysia football fan.

My favourite team is Selangor.

During those days, Selangor rivals is Pahang and Singapore

But then, there was before the big corruption cases.

Lee Kin Hong, Azizul Abu Hanifah and more are those footballers who accept bribe and were banished from football.

It’s basically ruined the football institution in Malaysia.

It had not recovered from this ugly episode and to this day, fans stayed away from Malaysia football.


This was what happen during the conversation with  gynae MO:

me: Good morning doctor, i had a patient with right hypochondrium pain and vaginal discharge,,,,,,,,We like to refer patient to you..Can doctor come for review?

She: Why can’t you get the gynae history? you must be crazy, call me up on a Saturday and refer a vaginal discharge case to me?

I’m was shocked and quickly hang up the phone.

Well, of all the calls, this was the worst referral call that i had made.

Guess, I should be more careful with the wording and reasons. I should had a better understand the indication of referral and I must remember her name,,, if she on-call that day, better not to call her.

In this big hospital, different specialties MOs basically get calls from various department, for referral of cases.

Sometime i wonder is it necessary to refer patient or just want to be bear less responsible?

Just the other day,  referring a newly diagnosed type 2 DM patient who was admitted with abscess in the perianal region.

The Medical MO asked why can’t you all manage it?  Well, I replied that we want a medical review.

If is not because of my MO order, I would have  taken the task myself. It is simple task, perscribe 2 oral OHA and monitored the blood glucose, end of story.  The medical MO can spare his time on other patients instead.

So, I am really wonder, sharing responsibilities or don’t want bear any responsibilities.

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