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Dr Jeyakumar and 5 members of PSM was held under EO by the police days before the Bersih campaign.



This is just the work from my memory of the case that i  had seen during my 4 months medical rotation at Hematology Unit.

Patient is a 20 years old college student with no past medical history, presented with severe abdominal pain for 1 week of duration.

Ultrasound reveals ovarymass and subsequent she went for operation.

HPE finding shows granulocytic sarcoma. The diagnosis of granulocytic sarcoma (myeloid sarcoma) is equivalent to Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)

She was referred to Hematology ward and underwent series of chemotherapy and she underwent a stem-cell transplant.  She is a strong lady and at present, she is continuing her study at a local college after a year break.

The case is special because leukemia can actually be manifested in different forms and not necessary in hematological manifestations.

definition from wikipedia:

Myeloid sarcoma (chloroma, granulocytic sarcoma, extramedullary myeloid tumor), is a is a solid tumor composed of immature white blood cells called myeloblasts. A chloroma is an extramedullary manifestation of acute myeloid leukemia; in other words, it is a solid collection of leukemic cells occurring outside of the bone marrow.

Emedicine has information on myeloid sarcoma.

And on the prognostic of the disease

There are no prognostically predictive clinical or pathologic features associated with myeloid sarcoma. The probability of prolonged survival or cure seems higher for patients who undergo allogeneic or autologous bone marrow transplantatio

There are many video clips posted after Bersih 2.0 rally.

But this video is simply outstanding.

It’s was a videos and photos plus good theme song which it’s made mesmerise and touching.

Currently, there is a void in my life.

I guess it’s happened after finished the exam and the overseas holiday.The exam is a  “hit-n-missed”,  I could have do it better! My London visit is fun but just felt lonely, and the trip is all worthwhile  after I went to Belgium and stay with my sis for couple of days.

Plus, just assigned to incharge of CCU/ICU.

I missed my round at ward 1 and the chance of seeing new cases daily. I can only do it during my oncall.

And I missed my oncall.  I have 5 new colleague and suddenly and there’re not much oncall for each of us.

My keyboard was left in PJ for services and I can’t play my favourite tune.

And the waiting is just a torturing process.

It’s make one getting anxious, hungry and worry.

I’m  hoping the weekend is coming soon. I am working this weekend and let’s hope the on-call will keep my mind busy and be less worry!

p.s. Maybe it’s a good idea to visit ward 1 tomorrow and practise my clinical skills.

Look at this picture

The RAKYAT come to the rally for a better future of Malaysia.

We deserved a clean and fair election.

What did the government do?

Instruct the ever brutal police to surpress the RAKYAT.

Like this, fired tear gas into the crowds.

Those jokers must be punished and remember use your vote to throw them out of government

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