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The practice of Chinese medicine in treating patient are commonly found in China, Hong Kong and in the places like Malaysia and Singapore.

In my own personal opinion and as a medical practitioner,  Chinese medicine is a dangerous practice and should have not being allowed at all.

The simple fact is the it’s not medicine at all; It’s totally devoid of scientific facts and the practice is based on books and views and opinions which exist before the science is born.

There are no  lab investigations, there are no imaging, there are no tools;

Furthermore, there are no acute medicine in Chinese medicine; There are no such thing as critical life support;  So, what if a Chinese sinseh is acutely unwell, guess where is she/he going to seek treatment

When a chinese medicine practitioner making consultation, he/she diagnosed patient by asking symptoms,perform simple examination like looking at patient’s tongue and palpated patient pulse.

It’s just too rudimentary to come to a conclusion with just touch and see; how about auscultation of the lungs and some blood investigation;

The  prescribed medicine is a mixture of herbs which are not known of its side effects in kidney or liver. This herbal based medicine can cause serious liver or kidney problem.

Unless there is a revolutionize change of Chinese Medicine, I strongly against the role of Chinese medicine in our heath care system.

We can live without it.

AND if you’s a fan of Chinese medicine, be careful;

AND if you wanted to study Chinese medicine, please do it as a part-time or hobby;

I was dumbfound when my Alma-mater is starting a course on Chinese medicine soon.

It’s Malaysia Boleh in this Bolehland.


Last friday, I had demonstrated and assisted my HO to insert a triple lumen;

It was almost 2 years ago, back at HDU HKL unit, my MO had shows me the way of setting a CVP line.

I guess I had become a teacher myself and I’m sure my HO sometime later will be able to do without assist.

Therefore, in medical field, many skills can be acquired given time and instructions; This is also include in the diagnosis and management;

With this routine of training and working, as time go on, a junior inexperience HO can be a skillful with procedure and knowledge medical officer.

But, there is a prerequisite


The readiness to learn from mistake, to be able to bear the insult from the seniors, the ability to compassion, to be able prevent one from burn out;

Even the best medical Universities graduates does not guarantee a good doctor.

A fresh graduate is like big chunk of diamond stone which just extracted from the mine.

To become an expensive commodities i.e a shinning diamond required careful and skilful technique of polishing.

Therefore, as a MOs or Specialist or Consultants, It’s vital that we teach our junior officer the right knowledge and the right attitude.

What is beyond salvage is the doctor with BAD ATTITUDE!

月亮圓   –  山腳下男孩   吉他譜

Capo 1
G    G    Em
*月亮圓 月亮圓 月亮照在我的家
C        G   D
沒有春夏秋冬的家 流傳千年

G    G    Em
*月亮圓 月亮圓 月亮照在我的家
C        G    D   G
沒有春夏秋冬的家 流傳千年

C  D          G    Em
#現在的孩子不相信 月亮有小白兔
C  D     G          Em
功課與電腦 使他們不再聽古老的神話
C   D    G       Em
當高樓大廈 遮擋了古老的月亮
C         D
就趁這個季節 讓你的孩子知道
C          D
古老的神話 源自何方

repeat * *

The path of becoming a specialist in Malaysia can begin with the master programme offerred in local universities or to complete a diploma in MRCP, MRCOG or MRCPCH.

However, the training of specialist had not completed yet. After a doctor obtains he or her master degree or MRCP (I took medicine field as example), he/She  must be undergo 4 years of sub-specialist in the one of  following medical fields:

Nephrology,  Cardiology, Neurology, Dermatology, Nuclear Medicine, Advance General medicine, Hematology, Respiratory medicine, Geriatrics

The training of sub-specialist can only be commenced after they obtained  government gazettement (for MMed 6 months and MRCP 18 months).

In Malaysia, there are many newly MRCPIANS who opted to go south (Singapore) for the training due to the fact there is zero waiting period.

Today, news reported that the ministry of health is offerring scholarships to specialists.

One may ask when the training need scholarship since the Trainee are paid with specialist paid.

Most of the programme: for example Neurology or Hematology, required one year overseas attachment. Trainee can opt to go to UK, Australia or even Singapore for the training. That when the money came it.

Recently, I’d met with my former classmate (who is 10 years seniority in medical field); He is a foot and ankle specialist; After he obtained his Master in Orthopaedic,  he got the scholarship and went to train in foot and ankle surgery in New York and in Singapore;

The government is making the right steps in ensuring the proper training of specialists;

It’s even worthwhile of doing so rather then spending millions of riggit sending JPA scholars to overseas( most of them have not come back to serve the rakyat)

I’d decided to take a left turn and headed south.

Wow, a fantastic view of the one and only sugarcane plantation in Malaysia.

And the radio is playing “Big Country” !

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