I got pretty irritated every time I switched on 8 pm news last week.

So, what is so special with the gathering? the powerful, rich and famous or  just plain corrupt!

No matter how grand is the speech and how extravaganza and big budgets is, the end of the day what is our intention!

Do we implement the plan for the benefits of rakyat or just want to enrich our closed circle of friends.

Afterall, our friends are in dire need of this charity; my friends needs it to live a luxurious life.

Politicians must have the right intention and the right motive in his/her political careers.

Rakyat is questioning why you and your husband went to overseas for sponsored trip.

As usual, you spoke with confident while slammed and belittle the rakyat.

Are you very sure you had the right intention of promoting our tourism. Or it’s just fully sponsored trip and it’s just being power and in the position of doing?

DON”T worry, in the end of day, you shall be forgotten, just like the other.

Rakyat will remember the deed that you contributedeven you are long dead.