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I’m not sure this is a coincidence or it’s just happen that ASTRO showing 3 Chinese dramas in with David Jiang ( veteran actor) playing a much older man who had all the luck in the world of married pretty young girl.

In which, by present social standard, it is very common and in fact, many men are looking forward too (“making honey” or bermadu). It is socially acceptable and not really a news.

Today all Chinese daily published news of My area MP denying her involved with a well-know political rising star. Obviously, whether this just a rumour or real, but I suspect that Madam MP (unmarried) fears that the news will affect both of them and it’s will threaten the political career of this young fellow.  

Well, let face it, present society still does not accept marriage between a younger man and older woman.


There is a Singapore TV drama called “making miracles”, depicts stories of a group of doctors of saving life.

Do we really need miracles to save life?

In my short career, I can surely declared that miracles do not happen in medicine or in fact, every singles things under the sun.

Do you think a miracles occurred on a man who is on verge of death, before resuscitated and bought back to life?

The miracle (if one insisted) occurred because that the present of emergency personnels, the equipments available and the timing of the event.

Do you think a man who is diagnosed with advanced CA recovered?

Most of the time, it’s the wrong diagnosis.

many year back, I ask a Hospis doctor, whether present a case whereby a patient whom refer to Hospis eventual recovered. Well, that one case, a Lung CA case turn out to be a TB!!!!!

The rigorous research, the advancement of science, evidence-based medicine adn many more are the real miracles of medicine.

Life needs motivation.

Just the other days,  during the labour room, I was assisting a fetal distress (moderate meconium stained liquor with fetal tachycardia).  My MO basically just cut through the uterus (approximately 2 minutes) get the baby out of the womb.  The paed doctors received receieved the baby and started on resuscitation.

And we continue closing the womb. I got worried after a while when I had not listed to the cry of baby (I alway expected a baby’s cry soon or later) . I turned and noted doctors are busily intubate the baby.  Oh! Crap~!  not again, this lady had a dead baby 6 yrs ago. So, for the rest of the remaining op, kind of sad and depressed.

Finally the op was over and as I exited the theater I looked at the condition of the baby.  I saw the baby is pink, breathing, eye open and uncomfortable with the inserted EDD.  My mood just shot up. ( baby was intubated and extubated in the Op theater and has an Apgar score of 10 at 10 minutes). Baby is fine afterall.  Last check, baby is observed in SCN without required any oxygen.

Well, even writing the blog, recalling the incident can make me happy.

Definitely, it’s motivate me to do better.

p.s. I write this after reading Jimbo’s blog on his patient who drastically improved under his care. It’s sure a source of happiness for him.

I was a IT worker five years ago before decided to make the decision to become a doctor.

And after working in a hospital for past 7 months,  I found out that one of the biggest difference of my old job and my new post is the existing of ON-CALL.

Everyone looked forward weekends and holidays.

IT people do have on call but it’s occurred only during a new system was just implement at a site and not really a daily event.

But keeping 24 hrs nursing care is the role of hospital and doctors are part of it.

I not sure that I can find someone who really enjoy doing call.

People tend to get anxiety (like me) before call. I named pre-call syndrome. The mood of the day/days before calls is alway hampered by the thought of the long hrs of working ahead.

And the PCS settled on the on-call day itself. I tend to get a rush of adrenalin which help me “enjoying” the call.

If the call was bad, there were alway a blame game among the doctors? Who is Jonah?

My college said her MO ask her to take a break from labour room, as she told her “you’re Jonah”..

But one thing that I enjoy is post-call. The feeling of accomplishment of tasks/responsible…

See, now is the time to ask for ang pow, and please, don’t set the limit. The Sky is the limit.

My wish list

1. Reopen SRJK Damansara – I’m not surprise with our edu Minister words… They can open it, it’s up to whether they want it

2. No petrol price hike for next 4 years (till the next general election)

3. Wipe out corruption ( a wishful thinking)

4. Restructure the legal system ( start right from the sacking of Tun Salleh and it’s slippery slope )

5. New Era College, Southern College -> University status

6. Bonus for public servant – yup, I’m working for Agong and I want Bonus for my CNY.

7. More Master places for the doctors….

8. Cheaper tax on car – >  thinking of getting car

9. Better protection for the general public – protect the women and children from those snatch thief

That’s more, but i getting lazy to ask for, so just ask any thing lah so long u think it’s ok.

Let’s talk my area, Miss Fry Mee Hoon will definitely win the election (hope she get well soon). DAP should skip this parlimen seat, it’s hopeless. But good news for DAP, Miss Theresa will sure win the Seputih area. That’s go for all the other current MP ladies who is way pass their marry age.

Jeff Ooi in Serdang? He’s fighting again the Hakka clan. I think chance of winning is slim lah.

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