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There are many doctors whom decided to choose to left the government service after completing their compulsory services or complete their specialist training.

There are many factors why doctor left for private practice and financial reason and more autonomy in managing patients probably the main reasons.

But, we do see some doctors who decided to stay with the services.

There are many advantages of working with government. The first thing is you get less pressure from patients.  In private with the large sum of money  paid for the medical services, it’s likely patients are more demanding.

Secondly, in private, everyone is competing with each others for clients (patients).

Third, government can provided good facilities and often it’s not charge to patients.  Doctors can just focus on the management of patent and no need to deal wth the financial part.

My visiting consultant from Penang came for monthly review of patients.

And later he gave  a talk about stem cell transplantation. His eyes bright up when he talking how his stem cells transplant patient is  doing alright.

I can see his passion for the job and his source of motivation – Patients.

BRAVO for Dr C


My Alma  mater had published a new and updated booklet on the medical programme.

If you are  interest in medical program and don’t know what are the subjects in medicine, on page 5  is the semester content and also at page 8 show a diagram showing ” Career Paths for Doctors in Malaysia”. There is  also a FAQ section.

So please download from this link


不再让你孤单    刘伟强作品  刘烨舒淇主演

不再让你孤单  陳昇 吉他譜

C …..C…..

C            Em          Am


F          G7          C


F             G7

让你知道 在孤单的时候

C      Am     F           G7
还有一个我 陪着你

C            Em          Am

F          G7          C   G7


F             G7


C     Am    F           G7
紧紧拥抱你  到天明

F   G7  C  F    G7   C

路 遥 远   我们一起走

F             G7          C     Am   F


我最喜欢看你胡乱说话的模样 逗我笑

但是我要写出人间最美丽的歌 送给你
路遥远 我们一起走
对你说 我爱你

C    F     C


F        G7       Am  F        G7           C
我不再让你孤单   我的风霜你的单纯

F        G7       Am  F        G7         C

我不再让你孤单   一起走到地老天荒
我不再让你孤单   我的疯狂你的天真
我不再让你孤单  一起走到地老天荒
路遥远 路遥远