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I foresee the next century and the coming century, people will perceive Obama as one of the greatest president of United States of America.

He has all the quality of being a leader.

He had overcome all the hurdle to push for healthcare reform in the US by introduce Affordable healthcare Act or a better known as Obamacare which enable millions of uninsured American to get their healthcare insurance.


A leader who dare to face the difficulty and fight what is really matter to the people.



Will Barisan Nasional (BN) win the election?
If so, will BN maintain the 2/3 parliament majority?

Will BN defeated?

Yes today is Sunday, May 5 2013 , it’s day of the 13th General Election of Malaysia, where the rakyat malaysia will choose the representatives to the parliament and the 12 state councils.

It’s also the first time voter left index finger will be paint with dark ink , a step to prevent double voting.

FB were flooded with pictures of fingers.

20130505-131238.jpg spotted with this doodle


I Seen today many of our so call politicians who serve in important government post are are just robbers!

They are actively robbed people money by stealing money from various projects meant for the rakyat.

This group of robbers like projects. They are sort of robbers some of consists of entire of family members, some is born from upper class!

My own state new hospital haven’t completed due to this robber act of stealing the fund meant for the project!

Across the sea, the so call leader has built a business empire from robbing the state rich resources.

So Rakyat, remember to see and observe some of politicians are nothing but a bunch of robbers!

The answer is because Singapore is govern by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.


Singapore, Malacca and Penang are so called Straist States in the older day of British colonial time.

It was governed by the British at the start of 19 century and therefore, the 3 states have strong influence of British influence in term of its buildings.

And now, Malacca and Penang are official UN unesco world heritage sites due to extensive cultural heritages.

And have you wonder why Singapore is not in the list?

The Answer is simple, Because of PM Lee.

HE single hand bring Singapore to the one of riches country in Asia and world and well at the expensive of it’s culture and history.

Most of the old buildings in Singapore had been tored down to make way for developement.

I just wonder will Singapore be a diffirent country if PM Lee not the one that won the election?

Maybe we can see a lsland much like Penang island with lots of old building in the town area,  with food cente every where except under the appartments like the Singapore hawker centre.

People is very much Hokkien speaking people like the Penang Lang and not all Bananas people walking around!!!!

There are many video clips posted after Bersih 2.0 rally.

But this video is simply outstanding.

It’s was a videos and photos plus good theme song which it’s made mesmerise and touching.

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