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My Alma  mater had published a new and updated booklet on the medical programme.

If you are  interest in medical program and don’t know what are the subjects in medicine, on page 5  is the semester content and also at page 8 show a diagram showing ” Career Paths for Doctors in Malaysia”. There is  also a FAQ section.

So please download from this link


It’s been almost a year into services and I am glad to meet many of my seniors.  Since  2001,  IMU had managed to produce ? number of doctors every years. My medical MO who a graduate of 2004 had taken PACES recently, the final hurdle before getting his MRCP.

I alway wish my seniors can be successful and hope they became specialists which a prove that my varsity is capable of producing good doctors.

Well, I happy to see the present results.

At the same time, as the reputation grow, the school is not as affordable as 5 years ago. Those days the whole course cost 250K and now, it’s between 330-340K.

Top 10 reasons for select IMU for medicine

1. You can’t get into a local universities. UM, UKM, UPM,……. You need perfect score of STPM of 5A, 4A or CGPA 4.0

2. You don’t want to go other private medical schools

3. You want to do a twinning program, to UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

4. IMU is the most established private medical school in Malaysia. Yup, IMU is 15 years-old.

5. IMU is the”CHEAPEST” private medical school. Yes, despite, the latest tuitions fees is around RM370K for those to who complete the program locally. Other Manipal, Penang Medical College cost a lot more. Anyway, you can try PTPTN (HREF) for financing.

6. You are scare of seeing cadaver. IMU is using plastic modal for the study of anatomy. There is no dissection.

7. You don’t want to go to Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia for your medical studies.

8. Your results not good enough for local medical school

9. You are a UEC scholar (independent Chinese School examination). Yes, IMU welcome UEC students. They do very well in the school

10. After-all, IMU have pretty strong academic staffs. Many of them were retired professors from Local Universities and ministry of health

11. IMU have a very good website.

12. You want to become a doctor as soon as possible. Yes, you can try this route. SAM for 1 years, IMU for five years. You can become a doctor at age of 23/24.

13. You had missed the change of study medicine. Now you felt like you have the desire to save the world, you think you can be a better doctor than the doctor who speed 1 minute for the consultation. Then you can choose IMU or other colleges to realizing your dream.

Coming up….what are they teaching in medical school? Are you curious to know the process of making a doctor?

Have you read the newspaper today?

Two of top SPM performers aspired to become a doctor? Both of the girls parents are doctors.One parent were peadiatrician and GP. The other Sabahan father is  cardiologist.

It is often a hot debatable issues on what is the requirement of a good doctor?

Is it the good result ensure a good doctor? Or a caring human being made a better doctor?

The former can be measured easily and research show good A-level result determine better passing rate of doctor.

But the latter requirement is vague and hard to determine. How are you going to measure a caring human being? Is he/she involved in charity or voluntary work? Does she/he a member of anti-animal cruelty campaign?

I have no answer for it but I do have some idea for a caring doctor.

A doctor who ready to serve the people. He/She would disregard the person she/he treated regardless of their skin color, their social status, their wealth and their health.

This is picture showing people queuing up at the government polyclinic in Kelana Jaya.


These days, government provided all the basic medical care, maternity and newborn, dental and health education.

I had bought many books and came to this recommendations:


Internal medicine

Davidson’s principles and practice of Medicine

Oxford handbook of clinical medicine

* for problem-based learning, Davidson is very useful


Bailey and Love’s short practice of surgery

Obstetrics and Gynecology

No favourite books


Paediatrics problems in tropical country

This book required updated but it is very useful, easy to read and better than other paediatrics books


Shorter Oxford textbook of Psychiatry


Apley’s System of Orthopaedics and fractures

Or Concise version

Good reading.

Basic Sciences

Ganong: Review of Medical Physiology

A bit reading but very good

Netter atlas of anatomy

Keith Moore Clinical oriented anatomy

Essential Haematology

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