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I thought yet another case of hypertension. Take the BP. Write the prescription and wrap the case.

Well,  I find strange, BP 170/60, I just wonder why the diastolic pressure is so low.

I browse thru the note and find the echo report. It’s a AR. True, I find the clinical signs of collapsing pulse. But I unable to appreciate the mid distolic murmur.

This is truly a clinical experience. Getting to see the real stuff is much better than reading  a clinical book!!!!!!


We see what we the mind wanted to see and not really what are the images reflected in the retina.

I alway thought the pictures that I took with my handphone will be vastly improved after I had a proper DSLR.

Well, sad to say, my photography skill still at the amateur level.

I often visit Duasen website in which TV Smith had regularly published images. He is a photographer and he does it very well. He often able to catch the moment, the objects, the persons and the environment.

In medicine, I still training my mind to feel hear and see the clinical signs of disease.

It’s proved to be a challege to able to get the clinical signs. Often books don’t help much. It’s seem like the mind needs repetatitive of exposure to the stimulus which then translated into memory and skill.

A BBC’s article on cancer survival rate are often associated with the amount of money spend on healthcare. It’s  a no brainer. Better budget can allow facilities and hearth-care which ultimately lead to better diagnosis and treatment.

I hope MOH has plan to equit all district hospital with a CT brain.

I was a student who was doing the final six-months training at Batu Pahat Hospital. The hospital is on par with any state GH but unfortunatel, BPH does not has a CT scan.  Any patients which require one need to send to Muar. This is totally unacceptable.

Any plan to send another fellow to space should be postphone or better scrapped it. Money can be saved and to divert to a more meaningful spending like buying a CT scan machine.

Finally,  after being struck in a friday evening jam and travelling between the ampang and pandan area for almost an hrs, I finally find myway to the hospital.

I once travelling in a ambulance to the hospital, but still, finding the hospital proved difficult.

I stopped to ask the cashier at Petronas. It’s a supply, they’re don’t know there is a Ampang hospital. Finally, I asked the opposite petrol station, and the young lady shows me the right direction.

No wonder, HKL alway full. People know HKL and they seeks treatment there. The new peripheral hospitals, like Sg Buloh Hospital ( we plans to send pt to Sg Buloh Hospital and the relatives apparents didn’t know that a hospital is in Sg Buloh)

Maybe MOH should serious considered promote the hospitals, afterall, the hospitals seem so empty and lifeless.

I stayed at home as usual at this Saturday and I make sure I catch an hours of
House MD.

So, in one hrs, I learned that once high dose vitamin C was used to treat polio, clinical manifestation of over eating of brazil nuts (Selenium poisoning), and finally the important of being an ethical doctor.

Despite the show portraying a reckless, vicodin addicted consultant physician, somehow at and of a show, it’s alway bringing a positive message. That why i enjoy it.

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