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This was the extra dessert served for patients yesterday afternoon. In the morning, the hospital served croissant with tuna sandwich !!!!!

Just finished my calls for the day, felt tired but still decide to attend the national day parade.

The weather was super fine. Sunny day with the clear blue sky.

The parade end with a group of people carried banners with motto of Gemilang Malaysia and “Bangsa Malaysia”. After 50 years of independent, I  wonder whether bangsa Malaysia really exist in the country which is called Malaysia.

Well, it’s does not matter, what matter most is we live peacefully in this very special place and I really proud of being able to serve all the bangsa in the country.

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Most of the doctors (given a chance) would have preferred to stay and work in major cities.

That why there are lack of doctors in rural hospitals.

I, somehow i got to stay at home and works at a hospital just 22 km from my house.

I felt happy with the arrangement. Ther’s little traveling and the only downside is the daily evening traffic jam (which i can tolerate).

Am i being selfish? I should have apply for some rural hospitals?


After, being on the job for past 3 months, i am quite happy and comfortable with the arrangement. I guess i shall doing that for coming years.

After all, patients are the same, regardless the places and races and,….

Not surprise to read the LKS’s blog which is highlighted by

Majority of Universiti Malaysia Sabah lecturers are Burmese.

I offered no solutions for the problem but i guess the solution now is not a bad one, just like the steamboat restaurant which i had dinner 2 hrs ago, consists of 99% Burmese. The restaurant business is booming and everyone is happy.

Am i being selfish? …but I’m happy…comfort zone,,,,i wonder whether it’s bad for me.. huh…i still happy..

Is it half cup full or half cup empty?

The former perceived glass is at least full of cup of water and the latter is a pessimistic view that it’s only left half a glass.

The merdeka day is getting nearest and came a controversy involving an overseas-bound student.

I had listen to the song and my conclusion is the same as above. Is it a traitor act or a love-thy-country act?


The specialist candidly suggests to the ward sister that it’s about time to sent some nurses for Myanmar and Bangaldesh languages course, after he see yet another Burmese in the ward.

Among many cases involving a foreign workers,

Long hair Indo man R, had severe abdomen pain and barely alive (sepsis) when he reach hospital, after being severely ill for 1 week duration.

Mr T, 30 something Bangladesh had absconded. I guess he just afraid he can’t pay the bill.

Last week, 40 yr old K, burst into tear when she discovered that hospital bill was RM3000.

TP, fell ill while came to malaysia to visit her husband who had been working in M’sia for past 3 years.

Foreign workers come to here to get a better earning.  Being ill is not an option. But, as alway,  regarding where one are, one can be sick.

Being sick, meaning lost of work, lost of income. Worst still, employee may deduct their salary to pay for the bill.

Just hope that Malaysia had a better system for our foreign worker, after all, they’re contributes so much to our country.

Are you a star patient?

My ward has a way of warning the doctors and nurses regarding patient had some form of infection. It’s shall give the patient a star (made of a red color paper) paste on the end of bed.

So, if you hepatitis screening came back as positive, you get a star, if patient pus C+S came back as E-COLI, you also get a star..

But personally I think it’s basically discriminating and an offense to patient’s confidential information. For one things, most of IVDU admitted to ward, well, usually they are the “Star” patient.

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