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It’s like the four seasons, it’s happened every years after the SPM results.

JPA scholarships were awarded to the individual who had a very good SPM results.

And every years, there are somewhere somebody who can’t get the JPA scholarship whom are bitterly disappointed, came out to press and begged for it.

I offered no solution to the problem in view of current situation in malaysia.

But I do have 2 messages for the SPM high achievers:

For those unfortunate one, don’t be dishearten; there are many options to get further study, PSD just one of them. If you want to study medicine, study harder and get a good result in Pre-U (STPM, A-level); If you are can’t get to Medicine or due to financial problem, then get a degree and work to save enough money to study medicine later in your life (my personal experience)

For those fortunate one, only one message:

DON”T BE AN IDIOT and run away, WE PAID YOU TUITION FEE and you must come back and serve the RAKYAT!


I  was reading a few articles on Dr. Warren Hern, a doctor who is performing late-term abortion in US.

Then I found this terminology coined by Dr Hern himself in one of the paper he wrote.

To quote from this article on Dr Hern:

“From the point of view of a physician, the expanding, invasive, colonizing urban form with highly irregular borders resembles a malignant lesion,” wrote Hern. “Malignant neoplasms have at least four major characteristics: rapid, uncontrolled growth; invasion and destruction of adjacent normal tissues (ecosystems); metastasis (distant colonization); and de-differentiation.”

I totally agree with the above statement. I don’t really see what human can bring to the earth. Is human race capable of rescuing earth from asteroid?

The current evidence all pointed to the opposite.

Explosive growth of human race, excessive mining,  human activity i.e transport,  farming, logging, transport and many others have cause global warming and increased in CO2 level and reduction natural resources, destruction of rain forest and many more.

Human being is just a group of nasty cancer cells who had limited desire to self-pleasure and to meet the demand of excessive needs, the human activity had explored more and more lands ( just like cancer, metastases to different organs).

If you are into Malaysia politics, you must realize that MCA are really in the bad shape, nothing really good happening to them, from the censure of bakun reporting which turn ugly into firing of the producer (which basically a political disaster for the Senator-appointed deputy minister) to the appointment of son’s of President and apparently halting investigation of PKRZ.

Despite the very unhappiness among the issues, there is something to celebrate.

The forming of medical faculty in UTAR.

TARC and later UTAR play a very important role of providing affordable private college educations  since the formation.

Despite the formation of TARC was the answer to the formation of Independent University, still since inception, TAR graduates are everywhere and remain extremely popular.

With the approval of education and health ministry, the medic school start the MBBS program this month.

Here is the staff list.

Professor Cheong is the dean.

Hopeful in a few years time, UTAR will be able to be one of prestige private medical college in Malaysia.

Info apply for doctors working in MOH Malaysia

For us who aspire to become a physician,  there are 2 way of getting the post-graduate diploma, via master program or MRCP

Master takes 4 years – with specific rotations in various specialties

MRCP – 2 papers and 1 clinical skill examinations;

Both are not as easy as one thought;

Master exam – first year of master is in general medical ward; end of first year- first examination – combination of MCQ and clinical examinations;  it is pretty tough and many fail and required re-seat after 6 months;

MRCP – must know how to study and self-directed learning; also not easy; many MRCPians went  to Singapore  for specialist training.

Both are good way to get the post-grad basic diploma; Period of gazettement for master is 6 months and MRCP is 18 months.

By getting Master or MRCP,  doctor are allowed to call themselves as PAKAR, in reality,  they are just registrar;

Another round of training before one can call himself  PAKAR;

阿炳  主題曲  Ah Beng

G       D       C      D

咪當我傻 至尊力仔系我 阿炳哥

G       D       C      D

讚我有型 有款乜野唔妥 咪囉唆

C  D   Bm    G

美女 見得多 阿蓮 靓番左

C            D     G

哦 1..2..3..4  好醜都要過


C    D      G    C

勁唱K齊歡暢  面子書系咁上

D              G

其實我  知書識禮  番薯咁嘅樣

C    D        G   C

蝕下低 亦不計  認斑乃無失禮

D          C     G

其實我mak都肯製 瀟灑有智慧

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