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Scientists are actively looking for a planet in the entire galaxy which look similar to our planet earth. So far, after much effort, they found stars bigger than the sun and so forth.

You bet they are looking for a earth-like platet or like Avatar’s planet.

They even believed the existing of aliens and sending the CDs material to the space.

I must said, It’s TOTAL NONSENSE.

People are fascinated by the stars and planets and the whole universe, yet the funny thing is we forgot our own backyard, our planet earth.

There will be no other place like the planet earth. Period.

Mass migrating to the other planets and time-travelling are just a sciences fictions and it is ought to be keep in book or in the movies.

We had forgotten how precious the earth can be and how little we do to protect from destroying it.

We allow oil drilling in the ocean and yet we forgot how to stop the spill from happening.

So little is being invest in protecting the earth and so little we know about our ocean.


The government will spend millions just for retraining of unemployed graduates. This is the failure of the Universities.  They are producing unemployable graduates.

Why are the graduates unemployable?

Maybe they were being choosy, they want to join the public services, lack of communication skills, and so forth.

Graduates from professional course generally are easier to get a job because of their skills and trainings.

Graduates from more general course like arts and pure sciences are more difficult as compare to the professional group.

Still, they should be a problem solver.

They should have more skillful than the non-graduates in term of solving problems or completing tasks.

For instance, you are assigned a task of promoting a product and as a team leader, the problem is how to sell the product successfully.

The task involving planning,  researching, co-ordination, presentation, communication and managing.

The stress  of examination is really getting into me.

To relieve the stress, I’d been practicing my Smule ocarina daily and just 5 minutes, start watching an old Japanese drama on YouTube.

The restoration of the Da Vinci’s Virgin on the rocks reveals new details and it’s reported that ” It also affirmed that Leonardo likely painted the entire picture himself and intended for it to be unfinished.”

Unfinished art work, how true, then we can improve it as we wanted to be.

Being a good doctor is like being an unfinished art work. It required constant upgrading and improving.

“Life long learning”  is my Alma mater motto.

As I had just completed my third years in the medical service, i realised that I acquired a lot of medical knowledge and skills as compare to the student days.

And it should be continue.

No matter what or where our interest is in, it can’t  run away from learning.

A good doctor is the one who picked up and read  a Clinical practice guideline and not the one satisfied with the knowledge that acquired during the school days or from daily experience.

The making of a good doctor started in the medical school and the product will forever remained unfinished and it is due t o the fact that the practice of medicine is improving everyday.

A tragedy leads to another tragedy.

This unfortunately event started when a young man from the same village was missing after swimming in the lake.

A rescuer party consists of 83 men went to find him and they did managed to recover his body.

A week after the rescuers went home, more than 10 persons fall ill with symptoms of fever and myalgia and  5 of them succumbed to the illness.

Today, the health minister had mentioned to the press that the cause of death are co-infection of meliodosis and leptospirosis.

The five victims 4 in their 50s and 1 in early thirties are diabetic patients which often a target of meliodosis which is endemic in this region.

Back in 2000,  An outbreak of leptospirosis in a group of eco-challenge participants in Sabah after they returned to their countries.

As a medical doctors, we should alway need to rule out in patients who had recent jungle travelling , often present with low platelet, similar to dengue, and with derangement of liver function and worsening of kidney function.

Early treatment is warrant. The 5 victims are believed to had delayed treatment.

In the mysterious illness in contributed to leptospirosis and meliodisis.

A website by Dr M Vadivale  blogged a similar incident occurred in Sabah 11 years ago.

Quote from the site “A 15-year-old boy died and 37 others from a village in Beaufort district have been admitted to hospital after swimming in a stream near an oil palm plantation over the weekend. This has sparked off alarm in Kampung Kebatu, about 115km from here, as villagers now are afraid to use the stream where they have been bathing for many years.”

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