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Common answers for the reasons that one wanted to become a doctor:

love and caring


I have Mother Theresa like quality

I’m a patient myself

I’m a House MD fan, or Grey’s anatomy fan or ER fan or Chicago Hope fan

And with those negative reason

The usual

I wanna to get rich and earn a fortune

everyone can be a doctor and so am i

my parent want me to become a doctor

doctor can play god and they can act like god

Regardless the positive and the negative reasons that make one joining medicine school and later becoming a doctor is that all important.

Medicine is life long learning and by all mean, the training of doctor does not end with medical school.

And if you have not found a good reason to become a doctor, then go and find one.

For those already in the service,  it is so easy to find a reason that you want to become a doctor. For example, the reward of good feeling after seeing a patient under your care getting well is a good reason that one want to become a doctor —> reason: good feeling



With the release of the Ipad 2, therie are many articles written on how Ipad 2 performance and it’s value as compared to other product such as Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy.

IMHO, the comparison are futile.

You can compare a Xoom with a Galaxy, but not a Ipad 2 vs Xoom.

The MAIN REASON  is Ipad 2 is an Ipad, and the rest are tablet computers. Can you compare a bicycle with motorcycle?

So, just like iphone,  if you own a Iphone, it’s a iphone and not a handphone.


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