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There are many video clips posted after Bersih 2.0 rally.

But this video is simply outstanding.

It’s was a videos and photos plus good theme song which it’s made mesmerise and touching.


Today, after bought the mandarin oranges to the ward nurses and hit the road to Kuala Perlis and hope to find the filming location of 天天好天.

My luck is good today and located the house and took some photos.  Unfortunately the green scenery is gone. The movie was  filmed during the early padi season around August till October. Stills,  happy to see the houses.

The film also features the father and son  taking a leak next to a sugarcane plantation. I took some pictures last years and it’s located in Chuping.


The Great Day Old Folk Home

The Great Day the movie "Old folk home"The Great Day the movie "Old folk home"

How to get there:

1. In google map  search for “kolej kediaman Unimap Kuala Perlis” , go to the road leading to the Kolej then go straight till the junction turn left to the Sbrg Ramai.  Drive a short distance then u can see the Sek Kebangsaan Seberang Ramai, turn right and drive a short distance n the house is at the right side
2. The sugarcane plantation is located in Perlis , road from chuping leading to  Padang Besar

My neighbour is having his Kara-OK session and the theme song from the movie “C’est la vie, mon chéri” popped up and it’s sure remind me of the movie.

I watched the movie in 1993, seem a long long time ago. I remembered my tear flowed uncontrolled toward the end of the movie.

It is  Hong Kong Cantonese movie in which  indeed a tear-jerker movie where a musician fall in love with girl with leukaemia.

There aren’t many movies that will invoked my emotions thereafter.

I like the song from the movie and in fact, the song is still very popular and covered by many singers.

There is one particular quote from the movie which inspired me during time the of difficulty.

A conversation between the girl and the musician who had difficulty with his work and his life and she advised him:

“I think life is the most important. In my mind, nothing which is can not be resolved.  Not everyone is lucky to live with their dream. Sure owning a house or a car can be great, so what if we don’t have it.  Should we cried?  Therefore, we must enjoy our life.”


A link to the song and the chord of the song.

And the Queen give the toast the King, And She said: “Ten Thousands Years”.

Kind of awkward isn’t  it, what on earth you uttered these words.

It’s a scene toward the second half of the movie “The last emperor”, when Pu Yi was installed as the puppet king of Manchuria by the Japanese and his wife who is drunk give the toast.

In the the numerical system, after the unit of thousand, it is followed by million. In the Chinese and the Japanese system, after the thousand, it is followed by the unit Wan is “Ten Thousands”. And with the Shui which mean “ages” or years, Wan Shui is the same meaning as “long live the King”.

Back to the movie, it’s was fit and no questions about the term.

The Last Emperor is a movie about the Pu Yi of Manchu dynasty and the movie started with the Queen TziSi dying and before she died she speak ENGLISH, and in fact all the characters speak English. Surprisingly I found the movie is even better than all the Chinese (Hong Kong) made movies on the same subject. Early in the 80s, I saw a few movies regarding Pu Yi but somehow it’s just lacking of certain value and merely a history drama.

This  masterpiece was directed by Bernardo Bertulucci, plus the soundtrack leads by Ryuichi Sakamoto, It’s successfully depicted the life of a last emperor, going through turbulent time.

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