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love sick puppyI ponder myself with this question?

Man had unlimited desire.

It is said that man’s desire is a bottomless well.  Tons of earth will not able to fill it.

A brilliant teacher had already know that this is one of the weakness of being a man.

Endless greed, endless pursuing…..

The teacher had offered a solution or more precisely a step-by-step guide for relieving from the desire.

Then, what i still have the desire now?

it’s been there since months and i had not found a solution. I think i’d fell sick and even my teacher (at time being)  can’t help me.

What to do………Work going to start soon…..maybe it’ll help…..


pneumonia X-ray feature of heart failure

Can someone tell me what is the term basal bronchitis really means? ( Try to google the term and see the results)

It was mentioned as one of the cause for lung congestion.

IMHO, the term bronchitis is self-explanatory and the word basal it was referring the base of lungs. Kind of funny to find bronchi in the base of lung!!! Maybe basal pneumonia is more acceptable.

piggy bank

Just see it at and it’s a really funny. It reminds us the important of thinking globally.

Too bad, they were no Malaysian or Singapore involved in the project, otherwise, they would not selected the name.


It’s had been 10 years.

10 years ago, i got my first degree. I used it to earn a living but I looking more than career.

10 years later, I got my another degree. This degree meant a lot to me. It’s my dream and it’s my calling.

For the last five years, it’s a worthwhile journey.

Along the journey, I met lots of people, friendships were made, some are going to be life-long.

What are plans for the next 10 years? I’m not so sure. Life is full of mystery. It’s never reveal itself until the right time. We need to walk along to see and to discover.

On Firday, I shall be back to work after 5 years of absent. It’s a new challenge. Let’s see how it go.

This is an extraction from a news report from XiaMen, China.

A 32 year-old man presented with sudden onset of priaprism for past 2 weeks. The cause of the priaprim according to the urologist, was due to inferior vena cava obstruction secondary to lung cancer.

He died after 40 days after the appearance of the symptoms.

The report brings me back to a medical case which I saw in Hospital Seremban 1 year ago.

A 60 year-old man who a chronic smoker was admitted for sudden onset of seizure and subsequent became drowsiness. A detail physical examination reveal the man had dilated vein around his umbilical region. CT scan reveals multiple lesions. Patient was later referred to Prof Richard. Based on the history, clinical signs and image studies, a diagnosed of seizure was due to secondary tumours in brain secondary to lung cancer. And most likely the it is of squamous cell type of lung cancer as the patient had finger clubbing and hypercalcaemia.

Image of brain metastases (taken from

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