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My late father bought his first houses in PJ for Rm22000. It’s a low cost house and its allow a family of 2 adults and 7 children to move to a proper house.

Today, it’s impossible to find a house or flat which is less than rm100k.

What is happen to the low cost houses ?
Developers must bear the social responsible and part of the role is to build low cost houses.


Will Barisan Nasional (BN) win the election?
If so, will BN maintain the 2/3 parliament majority?

Will BN defeated?

Yes today is Sunday, May 5 2013 , it’s day of the 13th General Election of Malaysia, where the rakyat malaysia will choose the representatives to the parliament and the 12 state councils.

It’s also the first time voter left index finger will be paint with dark ink , a step to prevent double voting.

FB were flooded with pictures of fingers.

20130505-131238.jpg spotted with this doodle


If you’re been to the Northern states of Malaysia like Perlis or Kedah, you will be mesmerized by the stunning beauty of green padi fiellds.


Few of us relied that the beautiful padi fields had a hidden danger and fatal secrets.

Long and straight tar road built by the government enable cars and trucks and motorcycles travel smoothly between towns.

If you’re go to Kangar from Alor setar via the old trunk road, you can see plenty of motorcycles, regardless of age and sex, some is 10yrs boy or even 80 year-old pakcik wearing kopiah,  they are riding bike WITHOUT HELMET.

I know what is a NORM for kampung folk, the NORM which one need not need to wear helmet for short distance travelling.

There is no police enforcement and I suspect everyone is do it and so this a NORM and its wil be alright as no one will be issued a summon.


We have many case of Motor vehicle accidents in Perlis involved head injury.

We have a young man who died of head injury after fall from his bike.  He was admitted to ICU after the operation and my nurses told me that this young man brother died at the same bed for the same head injury.

This is not a NORM that we should accept.

Being a NORM do not make the thing right.

Not wearing a helmet is fine as it is more convenience , the statement is damn wrong.

It’s took a few second to put on a helmet which greatly reduced head injury in the event of crash.

Why we are allowing the tragedy to happen?

Seeing young people with a full life ahead of them were being cut short by this so-call NORM.



Last month, I went to an eatery in the wee hrs trying to watch a Euro football match. The eatery was full of fans and what strike me most of fellows (all men in eatery except the waitress) are smoking.

I went to Penang last week and on the way back to kangar and stop at the Gurun R&R, as I enter the large public restroom, a group of youngsters, dress smartly with shinning shoes, they are PKLM trainees age around 18, having a smoking session.

And now, just sent a young patient 30 plus to Alor Setar for rescue PCI after develop complete heart from MI. His only risk factor is smoking and I guess he has been a smoker since his teenage day which show him having a long history despite a young age.

The “TAK NAK” campaign by MOH had fail miserably. I don’t see any reduction in the number of smokers and more a d more young men develop complications from smoking.

Maybe the government should try to emphasis what smoker can do to a man sexual ability like what the Chinese trying to do that smoking cause impotent !

The answer is because Singapore is govern by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.


Singapore, Malacca and Penang are so called Straist States in the older day of British colonial time.

It was governed by the British at the start of 19 century and therefore, the 3 states have strong influence of British influence in term of its buildings.

And now, Malacca and Penang are official UN unesco world heritage sites due to extensive cultural heritages.

And have you wonder why Singapore is not in the list?

The Answer is simple, Because of PM Lee.

HE single hand bring Singapore to the one of riches country in Asia and world and well at the expensive of it’s culture and history.

Most of the old buildings in Singapore had been tored down to make way for developement.

I just wonder will Singapore be a diffirent country if PM Lee not the one that won the election?

Maybe we can see a lsland much like Penang island with lots of old building in the town area,  with food cente every where except under the appartments like the Singapore hawker centre.

People is very much Hokkien speaking people like the Penang Lang and not all Bananas people walking around!!!!

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