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I want to write an article on the problem of TCM of diagnosis and treatment.

I found an article by Dr Stephen Barrett  which bear this blog name ” Why TCM diagnosis is worthless“.

This article is from anti-acupuncture practise website. But what is written is actually applied to the general practise of TDM.

The real problem of TDM is the inability to give a proper  diagnosis of an illness and the even the treatment itself.

As Dr Barret summarize the article with this conclusion

TCM theory and practice are not based upon the body of knowledge related to health, disease, and health care that has been widely accepted by the scientific community. TCM practitioners disagree among themselves about how to diagnose patients and which treatments should go with which diagnoses. Even if they could agree, the TCM theories are so nebulous that no amount of scientific study will enable TCM to offer rational care. ”

It’s not surprise that the inability to form diagnosis leads to TDM practitioner using the modern technology and even application of modern medicine.

The Chinese TDM is proud with their version of Zhong-Xi-Yi (中西医), what is  mean the combination of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in the management of patient.

The Combination of Zhong-Xi-Yi is given advantage to TDM which solve the problem of diagnosis.  It’s allows  TDM practisioner focus using the herbal treatment for the patient and on at the same time,  modern medcine is given to patient.

There are actually a confusion on the treatment, we may ask which is the stuff that actually cure the patient? the herbal medicine or the drugs?



This is the quotation from China social activities Mr Fang Zhouzi who is one of vocal voice in China against the traditional Chinese medicine in China.

He said : “TDM theories are not scientific.”
“They are just amalgam of superstition, metaphysics, philosophy and WITCHCRAFT.”
He has a website which contains many articles n the issue of TDM.

It was well orchestrated event which started with circulation of photos of stealth plane by the Chinese authority in the Internet and followed by pictures taken at a airbase and finally the highlight of the event, the J-20 take off to the air on the eve of the visit from the US defense secretary.

It is a brilliant maneuver by the China and it’s received widespread of praises and the most important of all, it had successfully fueled up the nationalism of the people and divert the attention of the serious internal problem – i.e social problems in the country.

Chinese officials actually very happy that countries are boycotting the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

Those jokers believe that other countries are sharing their distort and malicious intention that imprisonment of an innocent man is totally justifiable.

It’s reflect how the Chinese communist are just lack of self-respect. AND THEREFORE, they need other countries, which are basically depend on the Chinese monetary support and weapons, to show their hands.

China organized big events just to prove a point and what they are demanding is respect, telling the people around the world how good and how great is the China and the Chinese and how capable and how prosperous and rich and stupidity and moronic they are.

China has successfully produced via education and social reform their next generation a group of ultra-nationalist which very proud of very thing related to the Chinese. for instance, Chinese medicine despite it is doing more harm than good,  culture of plagiarism in the Universities and a strongly dislike of Nobel prize because the China home scientists never got a prize.

China is lacking of self-respect. They are self-indulging in the games of buying respect.



29 year-old No previous medical Chinese female, suffered 50% Body surface area burn after her clothes caught fire due to fire from a explosive devices during a filming in a movie set in Shanghai.

She was treated and stabilized at Shanghai hospital before transferred to Taiwan’s taipei Hospital.

She underwent 5 hrs of wound debridgement operation and noted that she suffered 3rd degree burn injury all her 4 limbs and at her back and buttock with minor burn at her face.

Currently she is treated at Burn unit ICU and latest news reported that she required dialysis due to kidney failure.

This a summary of medical history by a patient named Serina Yan who is a member of SHE (taiwan pop group)

The history is based on news reports therefore it is just for reference and by no mean the true account of the patient.

Based on the latest news,  its proves that Serina did suffered a very bad and serious injury. Contradicting news report and her broker company who give news which shows her steadily good progression.

The latest additional news reported that she was diagnosed with acute renal injury and persistent fever.

A quick googling and I found this piece of journal paper(published in 1999) on this subject.

The paper is based on retrospective study the files of 328 patients with burns >10% body surface area (BSA). They concluded that the development of renal failure had direct relation with the BSA and inhalation injury.

The paper also conclude 2 form of ARF, the early and the late ARF. The early ARF (< 5 days) is  assocaited with incidence of myoglobinuria and hypotension during the resuscitation and late ARF presented sepsis and may due to nephrotoxic antibiotics.



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