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I Seen today many of our so call politicians who serve in important government post are are just robbers!

They are actively robbed people money by stealing money from various projects meant for the rakyat.

This group of robbers like projects. They are sort of robbers some of consists of entire of family members, some is born from upper class!

My own state new hospital haven’t completed due to this robber act of stealing the fund meant for the project!

Across the sea, the so call leader has built a business empire from robbing the state rich resources.

So Rakyat, remember to see and observe some of politicians are nothing but a bunch of robbers!


Is there Justice?

Is there Hell?

Or Hell is just a state of mind where soul is condemned to be in state of suffering?

And they are a group of people who make a mockery of justice, who killed and inflict hardship on people.

FOR FOR THOSE Who attempt to fabricate evidence in order to divert the course of justice shall be condemn to HELL.

But I’m a Buddhist, I believe when one create a bad negative effect (karma) and it’s shall return to you.

You may not know it, but trust me, you bad karma shall get you and no one can save you. NOT EVEN GOD. We didn’t need HELL