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The result of master program announced in April recently have disappointed many MOs. Non of the A&e department MOs got the posting. One anaest MO out of 7 got it.
As there is increasing numbers of MOs, yet the number of master places had remains the same, we need for a solution.

One of the major problem of post graduates training program in Malaysia is it was conducted mainly by Universities and assist by KKM.

The numbers of postgraduates training places are restricted due to limit resources of universities.

Therefore, I proposed that KKm should be more actively involved by setting up the following:

Upgrade academic of medicine to be more importance role.
I personally wish to see the AM will be upgrade to institutions similar like royal college in UK. With this , we can offer postgraduate diploma like MRCP, MRCOG and so forth.

Failure of KKM to provide training will cause the lack of specialists in the hospital.


My wish of this year is to get my postgraduate diploma and hopefully has the chance of become the Head of the department or has the more power to set the department policy.

I found out that many things in the wards or clinics that can be improved and would be very beneficial to both the healthcare workers and patients.

Here is top of my list:
1. To set up a procedural room with u/s machine for nephro related procedure like IJC.
2. To set up an acute nephro service
3. To bring in visiting infectious disease and rheumatology specialist
4. To set up a geriatric cum rehabilitation ward
5. To ensure medical officers have attachment in various medical sub-speciality
6. To ensure adequate supply of neurological drugs
7. To push for computerize patient record system
8. To ensure EPO hormone therapy in CKD patient with anemia

If you’re been to the Northern states of Malaysia like Perlis or Kedah, you will be mesmerized by the stunning beauty of green padi fiellds.


Few of us relied that the beautiful padi fields had a hidden danger and fatal secrets.

Long and straight tar road built by the government enable cars and trucks and motorcycles travel smoothly between towns.

If you’re go to Kangar from Alor setar via the old trunk road, you can see plenty of motorcycles, regardless of age and sex, some is 10yrs boy or even 80 year-old pakcik wearing kopiah,  they are riding bike WITHOUT HELMET.

I know what is a NORM for kampung folk, the NORM which one need not need to wear helmet for short distance travelling.

There is no police enforcement and I suspect everyone is do it and so this a NORM and its wil be alright as no one will be issued a summon.


We have many case of Motor vehicle accidents in Perlis involved head injury.

We have a young man who died of head injury after fall from his bike.  He was admitted to ICU after the operation and my nurses told me that this young man brother died at the same bed for the same head injury.

This is not a NORM that we should accept.

Being a NORM do not make the thing right.

Not wearing a helmet is fine as it is more convenience , the statement is damn wrong.

It’s took a few second to put on a helmet which greatly reduced head injury in the event of crash.

Why we are allowing the tragedy to happen?

Seeing young people with a full life ahead of them were being cut short by this so-call NORM.


For past 2 days, I reviewed 2 patients who admit for symptom of high blood pressure (systolic >200 n distolic > 100) . Both patients have no “previous medical illness”. Upon review their kidney function, both creatinine are more than 400. On top of it, both are anemia with hb < 10.
Basically their kidney function are diminished to such stage that its unable to perform the necessary functions such as blood pressure control, generate red blood cell and excrete waste blood product.

Chronic kidney disease or failure basically is the kidney suffered failure as result of disease.
The worst thing about CKD is totally lack of signs and symptoms until its way too late to savage what's left of the kidney.
Many people have the notion of lower back pain often related to kidney, but only kidney stone that often cause pain. Majority of kidney disease have minimal symptoms.

The good thing is there is available of screening . One of the simple way of screening is urine test for protein and blood. The early detection of abnormalities of urine enable kidney function test and other investigations to detect the kidney disease at early stage and thus delay the onset of kidney failure!


Last month, I went to an eatery in the wee hrs trying to watch a Euro football match. The eatery was full of fans and what strike me most of fellows (all men in eatery except the waitress) are smoking.

I went to Penang last week and on the way back to kangar and stop at the Gurun R&R, as I enter the large public restroom, a group of youngsters, dress smartly with shinning shoes, they are PKLM trainees age around 18, having a smoking session.

And now, just sent a young patient 30 plus to Alor Setar for rescue PCI after develop complete heart from MI. His only risk factor is smoking and I guess he has been a smoker since his teenage day which show him having a long history despite a young age.

The “TAK NAK” campaign by MOH had fail miserably. I don’t see any reduction in the number of smokers and more a d more young men develop complications from smoking.

Maybe the government should try to emphasis what smoker can do to a man sexual ability like what the Chinese trying to do that smoking cause impotent !

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