Have you read the newspaper today?

Two of top SPM performers aspired to become a doctor? Both of the girls parents are doctors.One parent were peadiatrician and GP. The other Sabahan father is  cardiologist.

It is often a hot debatable issues on what is the requirement of a good doctor?

Is it the good result ensure a good doctor? Or a caring human being made a better doctor?

The former can be measured easily and research show good A-level result determine better passing rate of doctor.

But the latter requirement is vague and hard to determine. How are you going to measure a caring human being? Is he/she involved in charity or voluntary work? Does she/he a member of anti-animal cruelty campaign?

I have no answer for it but I do have some idea for a caring doctor.

A doctor who ready to serve the people. He/She would disregard the person she/he treated regardless of their skin color, their social status, their wealth and their health.

This is picture showing people queuing up at the government polyclinic in Kelana Jaya.


These days, government provided all the basic medical care, maternity and newborn, dental and health education.