My late father bought his first houses in PJ for Rm22000. It’s a low cost house and its allow a family of 2 adults and 7 children to move to a proper house.

Today, it’s impossible to find a house or flat which is less than rm100k.

What is happen to the low cost houses ?
Developers must bear the social responsible and part of the role is to build low cost houses.


The result of master program announced in April recently have disappointed many MOs. Non of the A&e department MOs got the posting. One anaest MO out of 7 got it.
As there is increasing numbers of MOs, yet the number of master places had remains the same, we need for a solution.

One of the major problem of post graduates training program in Malaysia is it was conducted mainly by Universities and assist by KKM.

The numbers of postgraduates training places are restricted due to limit resources of universities.

Therefore, I proposed that KKm should be more actively involved by setting up the following:

Upgrade academic of medicine to be more importance role.
I personally wish to see the AM will be upgrade to institutions similar like royal college in UK. With this , we can offer postgraduate diploma like MRCP, MRCOG and so forth.

Failure of KKM to provide training will cause the lack of specialists in the hospital.

Will Barisan Nasional (BN) win the election?
If so, will BN maintain the 2/3 parliament majority?

Will BN defeated?

Yes today is Sunday, May 5 2013 , it’s day of the 13th General Election of Malaysia, where the rakyat malaysia will choose the representatives to the parliament and the 12 state councils.

It’s also the first time voter left index finger will be paint with dark ink , a step to prevent double voting.

FB were flooded with pictures of fingers.

20130505-131238.jpg spotted with this doodle


It’s a great night for David Beckham as play 70 minutes of champion league games where PSG draw with Barca.

I am hopeful that Beckham will be call up for England remain World Cup qualifying match and will be feature in World Cup 2014.

Beckham missed WC 2010 due to injury and let’s hope he will make to WC 2014.

With Beckham is in, England is complete.

My wish of this year is to get my postgraduate diploma and hopefully has the chance of become the Head of the department or has the more power to set the department policy.

I found out that many things in the wards or clinics that can be improved and would be very beneficial to both the healthcare workers and patients.

Here is top of my list:
1. To set up a procedural room with u/s machine for nephro related procedure like IJC.
2. To set up an acute nephro service
3. To bring in visiting infectious disease and rheumatology specialist
4. To set up a geriatric cum rehabilitation ward
5. To ensure medical officers have attachment in various medical sub-speciality
6. To ensure adequate supply of neurological drugs
7. To push for computerize patient record system
8. To ensure EPO hormone therapy in CKD patient with anemia

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