2012 ended without end of the world.

It’s an eventful year.

Mom finally retired from her work after 20 years. After she fell sick and have the operation and finally it’s official.
She is actually semi retired for past few years. And its my sister who took over the business.

And I am glad that i find the one in my life. And my brother family has a new member, a baby BOY.

…The year end with a sad note.

My uncle had been ill for sometime. He was still able to attend a birthday dinner in August.
My mum and I went to visit him but he was not at home. It’s such unfortunate event because it’s the last chance that we are  able to talk to him. 2 days later, my uncle fell into semi-coma after the sugar level of his body was too low.
He passed away 5 days later.

I guess that life.

Happy 2013 and I am hoping for a better year.