The earliest memory of watching movie was the cowboy movies that was projected to the white screen made from cloth in my grandma house.

We have a personal projector and operated by my uncle. Well, it’s actually owned by Aji-no-moto.

My uncle works for Aji-no-moto, the factory which was located just 1km from my grandma house.

His was a promoter and his main tasks was to to travel all over towns and kampung to show free movies and to promote the Aji-no-moto products.

He told us many strange stories which he encountered during all those trips to small towns and cities. He told us hair were found on the table in motel room despite he had very little hair (bald). And how he said after the movie show, he struggle to collect the white screen as somehow try to pull away.

Later on, He bought a Volkswagen and the whole family traveled to PJ from Salak South to watch Sam Hui movie.

Or during some weekend, we were able to follow him to PJ Section java supermarket (that not many shopping mall around during 70s). My uncle bought us ice cream.

My uncle does not have luck in having pets. He went all the way to Melaka to purchase 2 dogs and unfortunately, the dogs which of doberman , were wild and even injured one of relative kid.

And later on, my uncle fell ill and was admitted. And for a while, he had been sick.

Thank god, my uncle did make good recovery from his illness and continue with his work at Aji-No-Moto.

AND at the gracious of the lord, my uncle met a lady and they’re fall in love. And with the marriage and they were gifted with 2 great children.

Through his life, he had been struggling with his illness and as he grew older, he was even burden with chronic illness and cancer.

But my uncle is able to put it through, he worked in Aji-no-moto till retirement and the Volkswagen is still running until today.

Today, we may have lost him but he will stay in our memory forever.