For past 2 days, I reviewed 2 patients who admit for symptom of high blood pressure (systolic >200 n distolic > 100) . Both patients have no “previous medical illness”. Upon review their kidney function, both creatinine are more than 400. On top of it, both are anemia with hb < 10.
Basically their kidney function are diminished to such stage that its unable to perform the necessary functions such as blood pressure control, generate red blood cell and excrete waste blood product.

Chronic kidney disease or failure basically is the kidney suffered failure as result of disease.
The worst thing about CKD is totally lack of signs and symptoms until its way too late to savage what's left of the kidney.
Many people have the notion of lower back pain often related to kidney, but only kidney stone that often cause pain. Majority of kidney disease have minimal symptoms.

The good thing is there is available of screening . One of the simple way of screening is urine test for protein and blood. The early detection of abnormalities of urine enable kidney function test and other investigations to detect the kidney disease at early stage and thus delay the onset of kidney failure!