Just the other day,  my patient wife said thank you for caring her husband.  During a meeting, matron praise me for being humble man.I am happy with those positive comments and it’s give me more motivation in running daily clinical tasks which may pretty stressful and demanding.

Last week, while awaiting to sent a patient to Alor Setar, received a call from an angry consultant threatening and give me warning on delay of sending the patient.
While dealing in this situation, I choose not to give my reason of not sending early patient. The fact is I am delay sending the patient for not following his order of “send immediately” and I perceived it as send as early when permitted.
Obviously i am not getting a permit from consultant.

Anyway how, it’s the second time and although one will surely disheartened by this episode, I kind of happy with the end of event, my patient got what he needed most, a urgent PCI and an improvement of the early life threatening event (a complete heart block).

One may reactive overwhelming to this situation but I kind of took what I have learned from some facts in life which alway come in a yin and yang situations.

Let’s see, if one get praise for his right action, then one will be likely to get blame for one mistake.

Similarly,   Gain vs Loss, Fame vs Ill-Fame,  Praise vs Blame, Happy vs Sad.

All of this conditions ultimate affect our mood, our mind and our wellbeing.

One must strive to deal with this situation. Many people are only seeing happiness and fail to comprehend the sadness situation in our life.
for example, dealing with illness: when one lost of the good physical condition, he/she needs to face the reality of life and it’s all sad and it’s a lost. If we fail to deal with it, one may dwell into depression and may ultimately give up the will to live.

Therefore, it’s very for us to remind ourself that things may be a positive or negative and we should learn to handle it with the right kind of mindset and attitude.

Be positive and be strong.