Last month, I went to an eatery in the wee hrs trying to watch a Euro football match. The eatery was full of fans and what strike me most of fellows (all men in eatery except the waitress) are smoking.

I went to Penang last week and on the way back to kangar and stop at the Gurun R&R, as I enter the large public restroom, a group of youngsters, dress smartly with shinning shoes, they are PKLM trainees age around 18, having a smoking session.

And now, just sent a young patient 30 plus to Alor Setar for rescue PCI after develop complete heart from MI. His only risk factor is smoking and I guess he has been a smoker since his teenage day which show him having a long history despite a young age.

The “TAK NAK” campaign by MOH had fail miserably. I don’t see any reduction in the number of smokers and more a d more young men develop complications from smoking.

Maybe the government should try to emphasis what smoker can do to a man sexual ability like what the Chinese trying to do that smoking cause impotent !