I had been away from work for past one week but not hospital. Instead of being a doctor who treat, I became my mum caregiver (she got admitted and have operation).

I just have more free time and often reading my Facebook posting.

And I read a posting from my former colleague who just inform that she pass her MRCP. This is a great news.

And in my opinion, she is one of the good MO who supervise me during my housemanship.

The good senior is the one that kind, humble and smart and show ability to guide the junior and often have plan.

The poor senior is the one that fail to give proper plan of management.

As I recalled during my junior MO day.

I remember at one time I got a referral from burn unit for fast AF. I am so new that time that I have no idea what to. Luckily I give my registrar a call and she gave a precise management plan.
Then i recall another case of DKA, somehow I also give a call to my registrar and to my surprise, he fail to give proper plan and instead leave to my own decision.

As you can see, the former senior is definitely fare better than the latter.

And now for the worst one, one fellow who I think it’s bad because she is so arrogant despite she is one of the pretty looking doctor.