This is short piece written by  one of my FB mates.

This is 2020 a meeting between the Pengarah and the HO….

The year is 2020, a Pengarah Hospital (PH) is having a weekly compulsory meeting with a new houseman (HO).

HO: I hate paper work, especially the stupid discharge summaries.
PH: That’s ok, I’ll send my clerk to do it.

HO: I don’t want to take patient’s blood, I fear needle prick.
PH: Never mind, we’ll train the nurses to do it for you.

HO: I refuse to trace results, it’s very tiring to walk the stairs.
PH: Well, our PPK pakcik and kakak can help you with this.

HO: I don’t want to write the BHT during ward rounds. I feel being treated like a reporter or secretary!
PH: Hmmm…you’re right, the MOs and specialists should write themselves. They are the ones who plan everything anyway.

HO: I don’t like to be on call. It’s very stressful to take care of one ward all by myself.
PH: No problem. We will only have the MOs to be on call then. They don’t complain so I guess they don’t mind doing extra work.

HO: I don’t want to be critisized. I want respect!
PH: Sure sure…from now on all comments about you must be hand written by your superiors and reviewed by me first. I will re-phrase it nicely and type it out before handing to you….

PH: Wow, look at the time, it’s almost 5pm. Now, there must be something you WANT to do in my hospital?
HO: I want to be a doctor. A REAL doctor with an air-conditioned room, a large consultation table and an Apple desktop with superspeed WiFi.

PH: Oh…you mean just like me?
HO: Of course not old man, you don’t look like a doctor at all….

Next morning, The Star frontpage headline reads :” Parents of beaten houseman demand action against violent Pengarah Hospital”

Just for fun.