It’s had been a long day for me. I am attending a 1 day course at Alor setar GH and finally its the final lecture of the day.

The speaker is senior physician from Taiping and the topic is management of diabetes in adolescent.

The topic is interesting because it’s often difficult to manage this age group of patients.

The speakers often a few info which are useful and what it’s so amaze me is the way he managed his patients.

The senior physicians talked about his patients in a manner like a father care for his child.

In his humble tone and simple language,  he talk about the patients which under his care.  He  is not only treat the patients and basically offer support, caring and understanding the problem faced by the young patients.

He even took the trouble of photography showing  his sugar level before and after meal to demonstrate the effect of drinking soft drink and eating fast food.

I glad to see and have the chance of listen to his talk.

It’s inspiring.