The game was just concluded 1/2 hrs.

It’s a CRAZY match with totally demolition of Arsenal defense. But it’s also show MU defense is just rubbish.

Arsenal needs a new captain.   I don’t really see the captain quality. ARSENAL need a patrick veira. Who know, walcott may be the one.

And for christ sake, MU should change their keeper.

BTW there are so many FB postings on this match.

To quote a few

8-2! selamat hari Raya Manchester united.

i wanna feel sorry, wenger looked like he was gonna cry…. sir alex stopped celebrating the goals, he has never done that!! guess he got tired of jumping so much…

8… ermm.. hahahah.. pathetic gooner

One of the most ridiculous scoreline in EPL history

aww.. dont cry arsene…. i see the red in your eye. at least u got 2 goals

he’s not crying, he’s thinking hard which bank should he keep his 80 million tomorrow.

He don’t trust the bank. He’s hiding under his pillow

arsenal fans should just take off their jersey and use it as a rag