Currently, there is a void in my life.

I guess it’s happened after finished the exam and the overseas holiday.The exam is a  “hit-n-missed”,  I could have do it better! My London visit is fun but just felt lonely, and the trip is all worthwhile  after I went to Belgium and stay with my sis for couple of days.

Plus, just assigned to incharge of CCU/ICU.

I missed my round at ward 1 and the chance of seeing new cases daily. I can only do it during my oncall.

And I missed my oncall.  I have 5 new colleague and suddenly and there’re not much oncall for each of us.

My keyboard was left in PJ for services and I can’t play my favourite tune.

And the waiting is just a torturing process.

It’s make one getting anxious, hungry and worry.

I’m  hoping the weekend is coming soon. I am working this weekend and let’s hope the on-call will keep my mind busy and be less worry!

p.s. Maybe it’s a good idea to visit ward 1 tomorrow and practise my clinical skills.