It’s seem like the PWD scholarship fiasco finally over.

Well,congratulating those who got the scholarship and my message for the not so lucky fellows, there are many opportunities awaiting for you and keep working hard.

I have classmates who got scholarship, manage to get herself into top UK medicine school, graduated and currently serve in NHS.

Can you identify the problem in the statement above?

If you notice, they got Malaysia government scholarship to study medicine and now treating the kwailow!!! Don’t bother to come back to serve the rakyat.

See, we got a group of selfish people who think they can get away after promise to serve.
I am very sure during the interview, they can promise everything,

They are so many of them and you can’t do anything about it.

I can only hope is that whoever got the scholarships, remember this is not a jackpot or lottery, it’s my tax money and many of our fellow countrymen tax money. We paid you so that you got a good education  and return from oversea to serve the people.

So, choosing to stay on and forgot your early promise is simply unacceptable and just irresponsibe. It is a act of betrayal to the country who had sponsored your education.

I have no problem if you decided no to return, afterall it’s your future. Then why don’t you repaid  the scholarship since your salary is several times of wthat we are earning back here.