Medicine is your passion and nothing less will do!

I used to have “Nocturnal fever”, it’s not really fever but it’s often happened in the middle of night and it’s waking me up from sleep and the first thing came to my mind “Gosh i should be a doctor“. My first experience with it back in 1996, i’m a year away from completing my computer science degree. I didn’t get the “treatment” and I wait till 2001 before finally succumb to the ” fever”.

Yup, determination is important. Not everyone is an genius or born rich. Hurdles are on it’s way and the only way of overcome it is to have determination.

I have the opportunity to talk to the late Dr Dhamannanda as we are on the way back to Brickfield after a talk. We had a conversation on my dream and Venerable sir just reminds me that we must have strong determination if we wanted to achieve the dream.

That right, I kept my dream alive and  I waited another 6 years before I enter medicine school.