Just returning from hospital after finished the oncall.

Here is the list of patient and the time seen.

in reverse chronological

4.30 am – seeing a young patient in heart failure. CXR shows abnormal heart.

3.50 am  – at ICU. Attend a young patient of mind who is serious ill with pneumonia. Noted ECG change and which actually due to anaemia.  Call up the blood bank MO and arrange for blood transfusion.

2.50  am to 3.30am  at A&, seeing a pt who developed APO and was intubated and subsequent asystole. He was failed to be revived despite the best effort from A&E team

1 am to 2.30 am  trying to get some sleep and woke up by a few phone calls.

12 am at CCU. Setting an IJC for a elderly which is intubated for arrhythmia and poor GCS.

10 pm  – at W1, attending a stroke pts who developed seizure. Managed to set a IV line and aborted with diazepam and covered with phenytoin.

9 pm at W1, attending a elderly man who condition is getting worst. It’s time to give my anaest friend a call.

8 pm at W2, seeing patient with kidney failure and a patient who have history of PTB.

On-call started at 5 pm So far so good. Doing round at ICU and CCU with boss.