I must confessed I have problem with this statement:


OK, the statement is not merely coined by drunk researchers but it got prove (evidences).

Numerous researches show person who drink moderately has less risk of heart disease than those folk who don’t.

AND it’s really pissed me off!!

I wonder what the secret behind the findings.

Apparently moderate alcohol consumption will increase the good cholesterol and thus protect the heart.

STILL,  I DON’T BUY the idea of giving the following advice:

Sir, we noted that you had high risk of cardiac disease. But don’t worry, we shall perscribe some medicine: drink moderate amount of  alcohol


Before the alcohol bring any good to one, think carefully: how many road vehicle accidents are due to DUI? How many person had alcohol problem? How many alcohol loving pregnant mothers born a  alcohol-damaged baby?

I just wonder why the scientist persisted with this kind of view?

Are they paid by the alcohol industries?


Few years ago,  those circumcision enthusiastic had linked the cervical cancer to circumcision. And thank fully, we found the actual culprit for cervical cancer (HPV) and its leads to the vaccines.

Recent research show alcohol consumption increase risk of getting various type of cancer.