Just get a call from my sister that the doctor is starting insulin for my mom.

It is a insulin given before going to sleep so the next morning sugar will be well controlled.

It’s actually very common practise in diabetes management and I myself often persuade my patients to start insulin for better sugar controlled.

But somehow I felt worry about my mum? After all , the insulin dose given is just low dose and it’s shouldn’t cause any hypoglycemia episode.

And i feeling bad because i should have done more to treat my mum but somehow I reluctant to subject the same treatment that often I gave to my patients. Somehow the clinical judgment is not there and what is there is a son who is reluctant to subject a more rigorous treatment for his mother.

That’s why we don’t treat our family members and close friends.

Our professional judgment is impaired in this situation. We tend to get into unnecessary attention and worries.