My neighbour is having his Kara-OK session and the theme song from the movie “C’est la vie, mon chéri” popped up and it’s sure remind me of the movie.

I watched the movie in 1993, seem a long long time ago. I remembered my tear flowed uncontrolled toward the end of the movie.

It is  Hong Kong Cantonese movie in which  indeed a tear-jerker movie where a musician fall in love with girl with leukaemia.

There aren’t many movies that will invoked my emotions thereafter.

I like the song from the movie and in fact, the song is still very popular and covered by many singers.

There is one particular quote from the movie which inspired me during time the of difficulty.

A conversation between the girl and the musician who had difficulty with his work and his life and she advised him:

“I think life is the most important. In my mind, nothing which is can not be resolved.  Not everyone is lucky to live with their dream. Sure owning a house or a car can be great, so what if we don’t have it.  Should we cried?  Therefore, we must enjoy our life.”


A link to the song and the chord of the song.