Not long ago, anatomy is one of important subject in undergraduate medical study.

But not anymore.

The debate of teaching anatomy using cadaver versus model was all over.

Is it using medical software or plastic model give a better education?

The main reason is the medical curriculum had changed over the years.

Undergraduate required to know more than the basic anatomy. With the evidence medicine, the advance of of genetic study, a new class of drugs based on monocloncal antibodies and so forth, it’s left little time for anatomy.

Personally, I wish i had more knowledge in anatomy and from my own experience, student must be taught the relevant of clinical anatomy and not the anatomy.

As an undergraduate, often I failed to realize the important of learning a particular organs or blood vessels. I understood the importance of anatomy years after finish pre-clinical years.

Here is the example:

In clinical setting, we needed to insert a central venous catheter.

What is the relevant anatomy involved?

From here, student can be taught the internal jugular vein, the subclavian vein and the femoral vein and the important to understand it’s position with the artery and vice verse.

More example, creation of Atria-venous fistula, what is the location for AV fistula in the upper arm?

Here is a paper on the teaching of anatomy in modern medical curriculum.