A FB posting:

1 specialist said today Housemen are here to trace result. Our health system is gonna collapse.

I’m know that the fact that to become a good houseman, one must trace result.

No question about. Your boss, the MO, the MO’s boss, the specialist and the specialist’s boss, the consultant will start blaming from top to down when a particular result is not available.

But, tracing results usually just via a phone call or a click on the computer.

It’s not big deal that HO got to do this rather silly but an important job.

It’s become a problem when it’s the only job the HO will do, and it’s not a laughing matter and it actually reflected the failure to assigning tasks to the HO in the ward.

A good team of MOs and specialists  will training their HOs on the job requirement in a particular department.

So, in medical department, I  will expect my HO is competence to clerk a new admission case, a diagnosis and the investigations and the management of the particular diagnosis.

Therefore, a certain trust must be existed between the MOs and the HOs.

It is vital to give guidance  and tutorial to the new HO especially  the freshly graduate.

In Medicine, this is mean from any from type of antibiotics to use up to the procedures in the ward.

We must teach the HO on what is the important tasks during the off office oncall time.

Houseman as the name implied, are the officer in the ward(house). Therefore, when a patient is suddenly acute unwell, they are the first line of person who give the immediate management.

I read a blog last year which the author condemning the incompetence of the HO who failed to detect a dying person and the inability to do the necessities resuscitation.

The Medical officer could have prevent this  if we had trained them properly.

It is the knowledge gap between a medical student and a doctor.

I am not surprise the doctor who perceived an very ills patient (comatose) is sleeping.

We may want to reduce the work of the HO into just merely tracing result or  the scapegoat in the case of mishaps.

The actual fact is we are just an incompetence doctors (fools) which had failed to train the junior doctors who serious lack in clinical experiences.