Proton is the national car company which was formed primary to enable our country Malaysia the chance of producing cars which include engines.

I basically “growing up” with Proton.

I remembered the contest which asking the people to submit the name for the first proton car.

It’s eventual name as “Proton Saga”, word saga is from a tree which gave the meaning of tough and strong.

Too bad, Proton was being pampered and the result was demoralizing.

So, after 27 years of the formation of Proton, what have Proton achieve?

The recent production of Proton Inspira generated  many controversies and heatedly debated.

The Rakyat is not buying the idea of innovation in making of Proton Inspira. They are slamming it’s just a change of logo of car despite they are some modifications on the car which basically a Mitsubishi lancer.

BUT, they are going to buy the car.  Why? Because the government policy is still being enforced which mean Proton Inspira had the advantage of being the cheapest car in the particular category in which we can bought 2.0 lire Proton at merely 90K.

Some time things doesn’t seem to change and well, my mom still dislikes Proton.