The meaning of “honest” can be defined as:

  1. Obsolete
    1. held in respect; honorable
    2. respectable, creditable, commendable, seemly, etc.: a generalized epithet of commendation
  2. that will not lie, cheat, or steal; truthful; trustworthy
    1. showing fairness and sincerity; straightforward; free from deceit: an honest effort
    2. gained or earned by fair methods, not by cheating, lying, or stealing: an honest living
  3. being what it seems; genuine; pure: to give honest measure
  4. frank and open: an honest face
  5. Archaic virtuous; chaste

I have highlight 2 and 3.

So what is making an honest living?


A hawker who woke up from early morning, went to market, preparing fresh ingredients and by early morning, selling fried mee to the customers.

A freshly graduated doctor, have missed the religion holiday for the first time, learning fast from his seniors and learning to make diagnosis and plan of management.

A tax clerk had checked and verify audited account and preparing the tax.

And more and more, if you had noted carefully, many people around us are making honest living. They are our parent, our relatives, our friends and even our rivals and competitors.

What are the opposite of making an honest living?

People who used their position to gain tender of building a health centre and then have no intention of complete it and instead selling to the third-party and in the process earns themselves a good monetary return. The end result is the delaying of the project.

People who using their position to gain millions of money and build themselves a Bali-style mega bungalow.

People who using political influence to avoid prosecution and to cover up their corrupt practices.

AND frankly speaking, this group of people who were not making honest living are the corrupted politicians and their good business friends and with the friends from the law enforcement and friends from the law and so forth.

I reckon that they are bloody and awfully rich with their money-spoiled children enjoying their ill-gained money.